but those are the things I liked to do,
was climb trees, play in the hamoc, and roller skate. (instrumental music) I remember the day my mother
died and I found out about it because everybody suddenly was coming
to the house and, um, anyway it’s funny as I was what ten or so ten and a half i’d say,
and it even at that age as a kid you realize um, to stay out of the way or
something because of course everybody’s crying and whatnot and what I did I got
my roller skates on… cause once you go you never come home was always the
feeling people didn’t go unless you’re ready to die (instumental music) and I remember just rollerskating back
back back and forth around the block back and forth you don’t know what else
to do but you know there is so much going on and whatnot you know and you just
need to stay out of the way and so that’s what what I did I’d just rollerskate (instrumental music) and it was just better to know so I
would skate yeah yeah its funny, but that’s how you get through.

“The Day my Mother Died”
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