So Crystal is the story of a girl
struggling to find her place in society. And ends up, you know, going
out onto a winter pond and then falling through the ice, and in fact the whole show sort of
transpires while she is under the ice. She has a vision. She goes into her subconscious, which is a transformation
of reality. Allegorically speaking, it’s
this idea that sometimes to get to sort of the most
brilliant parts of ourself, you have to go to these deep depths and
get in touch with the sort of darker, perhaps, side of ourselves but
then bring that up to the light. It seems like a very natural
extension of Cirque du Soleil to bring the performance to ice and
to actually take ice disciplines and push them further
as Cirque always does. Saint-Roch, Canada
Week 3 Good afternoon to you all. A pleasure to see you for week 3. We’re very happy with where
we’re at, I believe. Cirque had already been exploring the
possibility of producing an ice show for a good decade at least. And 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8! About a year ago,
we were approached about revisiting that idea. 1, 2 and 3 and 4 and 5, 6, 7, 8 and 1, 2 and 3 and 4 and 5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2… We just begin the office, which is the part that everybody
is at their desk, they’re crazy, crazy automatic and they’re working so hard they’re
getting crazier and crazier. That’s the second
rehearsal of that and we just had 2 hours so far,
which is pretty, pretty good, so that tells me that I can add a lot
of choreography, which is great. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 1… Whoooo! I need a D right there. Super. Today we’re recording
with Mathieu Désy, who plays both electric
and double bass. You can get some great sounds
from software programs, but they will never match what a real musician can bring. In Crystal, we go into many
different musical styles, to illustrate all of the
different worlds she dreams up. So to find the show’s
unifying element, we had to try a different approach.
It’s not done with the musical style; it’s really when you listen to the show’s
music as a whole that you’re like, “Oh, I get it. I’ve heard
this theme before.” The theme comes back a
few times in the show to remind us that it’s all
happening while she’s under water. Week 7 So today, we are presenting an acrobatic
presentation of where we are right now. The goal of this is to make sure that
everybody in the company knows where we are in terms of evolution in
the creation of the show. Today, we have about a dozen
performances for you. I would say it’s still a preliminary version,
especially in terms of the acrobatics. And music… Go! Week 8 That’s our new house. It’s like a real stage. It’s not an ice rink
anymore, it’s a stage. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s getting real! Welcome to block 2 and week 8! As you’ve seen coming into the
building, the set is here, yes. Also, all other technical aspects
are up in the air as well, so lighting, video, sound as well. Just one note: We’re going 6 days a
week starting this week, all right? So longer hours, longer weeks. We’re going through a lot together.
It’s a process. We’re really pushing along with the
numbers and we made a lot of progress. Oh, nice! So even though we’re
on the ice a lot, I feel like every minute
is very well spent. Yeah, we’re all hanging in
there and we’re all together. You know, we got a good group
here, so it makes things easier. Right from the beginning, the acrobats started
to learn to skate and the skaters started to
learn some acrobatic moves and from that moment, everybody
realized how difficult each other’s strengths were and had
an amazing respect for one another, so it’s been wonderful
to see that happen. My big challenge is to skate now. I need to do juggling on the
ice, but it’s cool. It’s easy to do what you know. What’s harder is adapting to everything
around you, all the new elements—it’s a nice challenge. There’s a number that I do with some
of the other girls that’s very, like, modern and artistic that I, like, I’m
like obsessed with, so. It’s, like, my little chance
to show what I can do. We’ve got a young guy from Mongolia called Ochir who’ll be balancing on chairs
at a pretty impressive height. I start when I was 9 years old, contortion and handstand. On top, I just hear my
breath, also heartbeat. I feel all of that, like all the way through you have
to feel the chairs’ legs, you know, like, with your part of your body. If you don’t feel the
chairs gonna kick you out. Week 11 Meanwhile, we’ve taken
things a little further. We have interactive video, which is video that reacts to
the skaters and that changes based on what they’re doing. I would say we’ve tried to
create our own aesthetic. Sometimes we go for
more of a vintage, 1960s feel, something
a little crazy. But at other times, we go to
extremes that are more futuristic, with lines and a more
minimalist look. It has to be clear that all the
worlds we explore in the show are in her head. So we thought, if we’re
dealing with memory, memory is not linear; it can jump from one
thing to another. So I would say each scene
has a different influence. Shading all the naked parts. We’re at the moment in the process
where the artists start to learn to do their own make up. I have 14 pages of step-by-step make-up
I have to learn. So the biggest challenge for them is
to being totally beginners in make-up and to do like a professional type
of make-up, so we’re showing them everything
like how to hold a brush, how to blend, how to be
precise and everything. Crystallize the world.
There you go, guys. There’s a little Crystal for you. For a lot of them
it’s very new stuff, so they never did that
before, especially guys. This is really the first
time we’ve ever done this. For example, our
eyebrows are uneven. Never done before. The make-up is the most stressful part.
More than the show. Week 13 Things are moving fast.
We are almost ready to leave. I think people are pretty excited about
moving on to Lafayette, Louisiana, so we’ll have all of our tools with us because we are missing a few pieces
here due to the building configuration. I’m someone new in a new place. Lafayette, United States
Week 15 A sharp tingle. A chill.
A smell I’ve never smelled. Steel. Glass. Tall. Taller. The air is crowded. I am something else. We have a show now. In St-Roch, we had
maybe 70% of the show because we didn’t have
the track and trolley, which takes us from
one place to another. We had a run-through with an audience
yesterday. It was a great dress rehearsal. Everyone was in costume. The show brings us inside the mind
of our main character, Crystal, and at that moment, she
discovers her inner voice and everything happens
through her writing. So I started with this idea
of making marks, of writing, to kind of see all the
characters in her own words. The hard work always pays off. To develop something like this on this
big of a scale of a show, it takes the 12 to 15 hours, it takes the coming in extra early,
getting the warmup, leaving a little bit later just
to finish things up. I can’t wait to start this tour. Montreal World Premiere This is the world
premier in Montreal. So everybody is excited, everybody is somehow perhaps nervous
on some levels. Since Lafayette we have been
working on the fine tuning mostly and also just making sure the performers
really are getting comfortable within the parts they portray
and the roles that they play. I’m so happy about the show. I’m so excited to be here for the world
premier and to see all the work that’s been now
put in over so many months and to see it all
finally coming together and really gelling and
looking so beautiful. I just can’t wait. We are super excited for tonight. I feel like it’s been a long time
coming for us to get to Montreal since we created the show and it’s going to be really exciting
to see the reaction this evening. Stressed—well, pressure is normal. But no, it’s okay—
I think we’re ready. I think we’ve worked
well, we’ve worked hard these last several
weeks and months. And we’ve really turned up the
heat in the last few days so that it’s—well, we’ll try to
be perfect for the premiere. The public is
the best part of the performance because their reaction lets
you know how you’re doing and I’ve done my job well if
I can make somebody laugh or cry or react in any way,
so that’s the best part. I am incredibly, incredibly,
incredibly proud and excited to introduce Crystal to Montreal. A year ago when we were writing
it, we had storyboards and scenarios and I feel like
when I see the show now, I see all of those storyboards,
I see those first scripts and that’s an amazing feeling to
have thought of like a little seed of something and watch it come
to life on such huge scale. We’re gonna remember this day
for the rest of our lives and we’re spending it together
and I’m really honoured to spend it with all of you
amazing, amazing, amazing people. Everyone be safe, have fun. This is the beginning of an amazing journey. Thank you all. Merci. I want to welcome the world
of skating and skaters because this is a brand new world
and it was such a fun time to mix and not to do a show
that we’ve done, like with circus people,
but to have a new family. We joined together
with the acrobats and I think we opened a door and I hope
people will do more shows like that and we had a blast and you
guys you were so good, I don’t want to do any
more shows in my life. This is the end of my career. It’s over!
I’m done! I’m done. Thank you.

The Complete Making of the Cirque du Soleil Show CRYSTAL
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