this one I made myself by parts in the
garage. I’m not very fond of buying things I’m born in the middle of the
forest without any neighbor but when I started Tentipi it was a lot of business a
lot of work work work this is kind of back to nature I learned to skate when I was very young because next to my father’s house it was
a small lake and of course we played a lot on that lake my father just said “stay
away from from the reeds because the ice is thin there” and we learn to skate on that
lake [I think there’s a creek outlet here] We need to be very very very careful Oh, that is thin! I will check with the axe Almost three centimeter it’s
enough to skate on but it’s not safe You need to to read the ice conditions, see
very careful if you have some change in structure and you need to respect the
ice. First of all you need to respect the time when when there is a chance to
skate because it’s the first ice that is really poetry And if it’s moisture in
the air and quite cold then you get beautiful crystals it could be bubbles
coming up from the bottom it’s all kinds of things to see on the ice See the ice is really flexible, when you skate you’re skating actually in a bowl of ice I really love skating it kind of shut off my thinking and I’m just here. It’s like poetry to skate

The CEO’s day off – Skating on a crystal clear frozen lake
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