– [Announcer] Whizzaroo – Hey Joy, do you
remember our baby stories? – Yeah Sparkle, which one
was your favorite one? – Erm, I can’t remember, let’s watch ’em. – Wait, before we do that, don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe. – I love riding my scooter! (electric motor) Whoa, whoa (smash) Owee! Mommy, Daddy, I have a boo boo! Daddy, Daddy, it hurts, kiss it. – Aha, I know! A band aid will make you feel better. – Yes! A Paw Patrol band aid. – Okay, I will be right back. – My boo boo’s gonna feel better. My boo boo’s gonna feel better. Oh ouch! – Uh oh! I have to make Sparkle’s
boo boo feel better! (running) (jumping) (car engine) I gotta find the band
aids, where are they? (screeching) Sparkle loves Paw Patrol! – Did you get it? – Paw Patrol band aids,
just like you asked. – Yay! I mean ouch! – Now hand me your elbow. – Erm, will you put a band aid on my head? – Huh, okay. How’s that boo boo now? – A little better. – I know! – (gasps) Thank you. (eating) – Did that help your
boo boo feel all right? – My boo boo feels better! My boo boo feels better! (happy music) – Byrd! – I’m ahead of you, Scooter! – Whoop whoop! – This is fun! – Yeah. – Wow, that looks like
fun, can I play too? – Sure Daddy, I’ll push you. – Whoopee! Woooaaah! (screaming) Wooaah! – Oh whoopee! – Weeee! – Yeeeeaaaah! (smash) (crying) – Are you okay?
– Daddy. – Daddy, are you hurt? – Do you have a boo boo? (crying) – My arm! – Help me guys, we have
to get him to the doctor. – It’s okay Daddy, we’ll
get you taken care of. – Well mercy me, looks like
you had a little accident. – (crying) I hurt my arm. – Oh dear! Tell the doctor your boo boo story, and she’ll make it all better. – Oh good, ’cause it hurts
really, really, really bad! – Okay dear, well I’m
gonna need your signature. Here, here and here. – But my boo boo! It really, really, really hurts. – Daddy, it’s okay, that’s
why I came with you. I’ll sign for him (paper shuffling) – Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh Thank you dear, go sit in
the lobby and the doctor will be right with you. – Thank you ma’am (sniffling) – How long have we been waiting? – Only about 15 minutes. – Daddy Whizzaroo, the
doctor will see ya now. – Come on back honey, and
tell me about your boo boo. – I hurt my arm while playing at the park. – He hurts his arm. Sorry honey, I’m just makin’ my notes. I know how to treat this (slamming laptop) – Well, this is taking a long time! – Sorry I took too long. (typing) Finished. – No problem, are you able to help me? – Of corse honey, let me see your arm. (sticking band aid) You did great, do you feel better? – My boo boo! It feels so much better. (skateboarding) – I wonder if the girls need some help. (snoring) (smash) (crying) – Someone help me up! (wailing) – Are you okay? – I was sleeping, and
I fell of of the couch. – Did you get a boo boo? – Yes, on my head. – What can make you feel better? (crying) – Help me up, I need to go get ready for my Princess Party anyway. (crying) – Whoa, whoa, waa! (smash) (crying) (scooter moving) – Byrd, are you okay? – I have a boo boo! I hurt my elbow. – Don’t worry buddy, I’ll
go to the store for you. (scooter moving) Goin’ to the store! – Oh dear, what am I gonna wear? What am I gonna do? – Don’t worry Mommy, I’ll
turn you into a Princess. – You’ll maker me into a Princess? That’s great! (magic jingling) – Mom, you’re a superhero! – Now tell me something I don’t know. – No really, you’re a superhero. (screams) – We made it to the park. – Yeah. – Chuck E, what do you wanna go on first? – I would like to go on
a slide first. Let’s go! This is gonna be so much fun! (sliding) (smash) (crying) (gasps) (gasps) (gasps) (gasps) – Chuck E, are you okay? (crying) – Oh no, he has a boo boo! – Chase, Sky, come help! – Hurry, hurry please . (rocket landing) – Oh no, what happened? – Are you okay? – Oh no, I have a boo boo! – Where is it, Chuck E? – It’s on my head! – (gasps) I know! Daddy, help. (whistling) – (gasps) Did somebody just call for help? I’m on the way! (running) What happened? – He was sliding down the slide, and fell off and hit his head. – Chuck E has a boo boo. – (gasps) A boo boo? I was hoping I wouldn’t need to use this. Feel better Chuck E. – That feels better already! – I believe I can make it to the top. (happy music) Told you I could make it to the top. – Be careful Scooter! – Whoa! (smash) (crying) – (gasps) Oh no, Scooter! (sliding) (gasps) – Oh no, are you okay? – Scooter, are you okay? – I was climbing on the wall,
and I fell and hurt my elbow. – Oh no, Daddy! – Oh no, another boo boo! – I hurt my elbow. – I know, this should
make things feel better. – Feel better Scooter. – Hey Daddy, why are we
on the camping aisle? – Erm , I was thinking we could go on a little camping trip. – A camping trip? Yes, yes, yes. – I’m cool with that. – First, we need a tent. – Hey, don’t forget to
get the sleeping bag! – So many choices. I choose this one. (gasps) (heavy breathing) – I think I’ll get a really cool chair. (struggling) Too heavy, never mind. – Check out this cup
that’s coming with me. – Do we have everything we need? – Wait, don’t forget the marshmallows. – Right behind you, Joy. – Wait for me guys. – Are we able to take tacos on the trip? – No way, it’s a camping trip! – Yay, I found the marshmallows. Now I need to catch up with everyone. (running) (packet hits Daddy and the floor) – Daddy, are you okay? (breathing heavily) – Yeah, I just got a little boo boo. – Do you need a band aid? – A band aid? No, I’m okay. – So Daddy, where are
we going to set up camp? – Hike with me, son, we’ll know
when we find the right spot! – If we don’t find it soon,
he’s gonna be carrying me! (wind whistling) (gasp) – Oh no, the rain! Oh no, this storm is bad. Whoa (screaming) – [All] Daddy! – Come back. (screaming) (smash) (shrieking) – Daddy, Daddy. – Yes children. – You have a boo boo? – Yes children. – I have a band aid. – I’ll put it on you, Daddy. Does that feel better? – My boo boo feels much
better, let’s set up camp. (magic jingling) – Do you all see what I see? – Yeah, the perfect campsite. – Are you sure you know how
to set that thing up, Daddy? – What, this little thing? Piece of cake! (tent rustling) – Hey guy, are you sure
you don’t want some help? (tent rustling) – Whoa! (smash) – Daddy no! – Another boo boo, another band aid. – I bumped my elbow! – This will make you feel all better! – Whoa, that does feel better. – [Narrator] Want more awesome videos? Click subscribe. Bye friends!

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