today I’m gonna make a video about my
GoPro set up Ola Youtube, my name is Ricardo Lino and I am a wheel addict I do use all
kinds of wheels from roller skates to inline skates to bicycles to things
they’re all basically anyway that doesn’t matter today I’m gonna make a
video about my GoPro setup and this is important for me the thing is I’ve been
having a lot of questions of people asking about my GoPro setup I’ve been
using my GoPro for six months now and this channel is almost 1 year now or
maybe it’s even more than one year this is the vlog episode 200 that means that
I made 199 more of these plus the live logs plus the other videos which are not
vlogs so the first thing that I want to say is thank you everyone for watching
these and for supporting this new project still you one year write
something that you should also know is when I first started this channel I had
no action camera at all and I remember making a video because there was a brand
from South Africa that let me try their own action camera and when I made that
video I still didn’t you if I would need an action camera or not then a few
months later or a few weeks later I made another video of how much money I was
making with YouTube and I said that sooner or later I would be making enough
money to buy a GoPro so here it is I bought a GoPro used on gumtree which
is kind of like a eBay but in South Africa I bought it for a good price it’s
a GoPro Hero 5 and the question here would be the nadir of 5 nope I don’t
even use my hero 5 to the full capacity basically this camera well something
that you should know is that the sensor of this camera is small so you can I
don’t know what GoPro did here you can have good quality with it but you’ll
never get as much quality as you would have on a full frame or even Micro Four
Thirds camera because the sensor is just small on these but you can get really
cool stuff specially if you’re gonna be filming skating skateboarding scooters
bicycles whatever that has wheels or even if you just want to go in all this
with your girlfriend with your dad your mom with your son with your daughter
it doesn’t really matter this is like a really cool camera it doesn’t need to be
this one I mean like action cameras but there’s something that you need to learn
about this and that’s what I’m gonna talk today so like I said before this is
a GoPro Hero 5 I I should be able to film 4k 30 frames per second with these
but I don’t basically I don’t do 4k videos yet and also at 4k the
stabilization stabilization doesn’t really work I know that a lot of people
complain about the stabilization of the GoPro Hero 5 they say that the euro-6 is
a lot better well I didn’t make enough money yet with these with this YouTube
channel to get to buy a GoPro Hero thing so one day I’ll get that one or I’ll get
any other camera cuz I know there’s other cameras in the market which are
amazing and I like them too so we’ll see what happens what I wanted what I want
to tell you is usually when I film with this camera you can choose two color
profiles one it’s the GoPro color which is more than enough if you gotta be
making just like a quick video that’s the best or you can use the protune the
protune the image is going to be a lot more flat and what I mean by flat is
like there won’t be that much contrast the colors will be a little bit lighter
why do you want that well when you film in protein the first thing that you
should know is that the file is going to be bigger the camera won’t put that much
attention into processing colors they will just record the camera will just
record it if you film flat then you’re gonna make them color graded on a
computer and that’s why I use the lots and all those things but basically when
you film protune it’s going to be a bigger file which means that you have
more to work with on the computer but if you just want to make a quick video
gopro color is more than enough you can film 4k like I just said you can film 2
point 7 K and you can also fill I think it’s 1440 and you can film 1080
what do I feel weight well usually I always choose 1080 and the reason why I
choose 1080 is because I want to film super wide I used to have I used to have
a fisheye for my DSLR camera started DSLR it’s a micro four-thirds so it’s a
mirrorless camera but I used to have a feel for it I wasn’t using it enough so
I just sold it and I use this when I do fisheye things I do with this so
basically I usually shoot 60 frames per second 1080p protune so it has a bigger
file like I just told you in super white which is like the Wireless you can get
like a fish are then the sound of these and because the sound is really really
bad I had to paste adapter and this thing is
expensive and this thing cost like $50 just for this but it’s like a USB see
that comes into the side of the camera but then you’ll need a microphone and to
put a microphone here I could do like a big microphone but you know what I end
up finding out that ds1 this is a DJI Osmo microphone and these works really
good let me show you this I don’t even know if I have a card but I’m sure
you’ve seen these in my videos when I do GoPro videos I use these set up GoPro
plus the adapter for the microphone plus DGI Osmo microphone but then this thing
just like these wouldn’t work so I go back to the regular cage where it comes
and then my only way my only way to put this here is by using these elastic
which is bad but it’s my way to keep these here to keep the USBC in the right
position and also to put the microphone so I go like loop around the microphone
like this just a loop then I put the microphone in the right
place which is not this I put the microphone in the right place which is
in my opinion but I found out that worse is right underneath the camera pointing
forward like this and then in the back I just plug it it’s still not the best
because this thing is still here and sometimes if there’s a lot of shaking
there’s noise all I took with no magic Arlene if so be sad at Hornish then I do
use these I have one of those Joby 20 tripods but it’s too big so I just have
the job in beta tripod ad that has a little leveler level thing on top here
and then I put the smallest microphone that I found this is a fire tech that
came with my old gimbal that broke after a week it was the gimbal that I used to
film means video and I just use this part underneath and I use these a lot
the setup that I use the most why well check this just sit here now if I want
to change something I just didn’t screw it here I move the camera to whatever I
want that’s it now if I wanted to pointing up
I can point it up basically just a little tripod thing and you file wanna
film wheedies that’s a like a fisheye thing you can just make it like this
check this out boom I can feel like this I can point it
up and it’s just like it’s cool if I’m filming someone else but if I’m filming
myself a lot of times I use pull like a selfie stick this was the first one that
I had and this is the second one that I bought the second one it’s supposed to
open to one metre sixty and it’s like one month and it’s broken I tried to
tide it the top keeps spinning so it’s not working anymore
going back to the old one going back to the hold one this one opens
I think it’s 90 centimeters if I’m gonna be using the super wide
field-of-view it was like a super fisheye it’s more
than enough for what I want and I also like to use these if I’m following
someone sometimes I’m just lazy and if I’m lazy I don’t want to go low close to
the ground I can use these and every single movement kind of looks like a
crane it looks crazy I love it then I’m gonna be filming down hills close to a
car if I wanted to fix my camera on a car I used to have these I used to use
these one that it’s from extreme accessories and it’s really really cheap
it’s perfect you put on top of the car that’s amazing
but now this company called lampstand it just gave me this this is from 9
solutions and this is like a really really strong clamp basically I can use
this clamp to put my big camera but usually I use it for my GoPro I need
just me to use you need to change this top and never the GoPro here and be
ready to go the GoPro can go in here put it underneath the car perfect but as I
told you before stabilization of the GoPro Hero 5 most of the times I feel
with skates so because I film it skate it kind of looks super smooth and all
that but there’s obviously ways to to go through that stabilization problem and
one of them is these I have three of these different gimbals all from the
same brand like shiny chinese brand and these was also given to me my lamp stand
in South Africa and these you can just if I want check this out
a little adapter here like this boom-boom-boom these little adapter and
now check these and now if I wanted to tease Kimbo
I put the GoPro here I could put these in the car and then this is stabilized
I don’t think battery in here like a check it’s not gonna work because
there’s cameras not here so yeah but I guess you understand what I’m saying
it’s gonna go crazy now if it goes on because there’s no way from the camera
but you can see it this is a stabilizer and you can put it underneath the car
and then it’s just amazing also with all these gimbals that I got I got this one
which is a wearable gimbal then put like these these one which is the evolution
that comes with a stick it’s basically kind of like the same it comes with a
stick just like this and check this out if I need an extender for this I put it
on myself is thickened it goes huge that’s any better no but I was trying to
say about these Gamble’s is that with all these gimble’s
you try to close it with all these cables you can use the same app the
giant egg app and then like imagine if this is filming on in front of the car
you can have someone in the car with the phone just choosing where they want the
camera to point and that’s that’s amazing basically turn the gimbal to
where you want that’s really for these two tables you can only use the camera
but most of the times I like to put a microphone because the sound like I said
the sound is not good so if I want to use the GoPro with better sound then I
use this rig this is just like a gimbal which is the crane em and these will
allow me by thing to put all my cameras I don’t have any really really any
camera yet and with these ones I can’t put my vlogging camera and my GoPro with
all the stuff that I can put on the GoPro and when I mean all this stuff I
mean like I can put these hat the one from Joby with the GoPro with
the microphone I can even put days woof this is a light I could put this light
which is now broken but you put the GoPro on top of these lights
is it okay that’s not so and so I like this one a lot if I’m traveling like
when I go to Brazil two weeks ago this is the one that I took because with this
one I can just use it on my own on all my cameras and it’s amazing so
again this is not a paid advertisement but they did gave me these so if you’re
looking for these look for lands that they were really cool to me
then I gave you all the options of the stabilisers I’ll show you my GoPro but
sometimes you want to get sound differently and that’s when you use
these but these this is the luck the road level your Plus and the level your
plus usually you connect it to the phone because you connect it to the phone
that’s basically what I do sometimes if I want to feel like imagine if I want to
feel one of those flows that the camera goes on me and goes on something else
then when the camera is filming my feet how do you get my voice well you get my
voice because I got these here whatever this is on my phone and then my phone is
recording so then I just need to set it up on the cooker when I go on the
computer just need to sync it and that’s really really simple but you know what
it works so external microphone on your phone
making external audio then you sync it one last thing a lot of people ask me to
the GoPro the those transitions that you do a lot no it doesn’t when I do that
type of thing happening here I’m being stupid here huh a lot you know when you
see those videos that you see me and then you see this case this is what I do I’m filming myself and
then I say okay and now in this case and then I do this whoop and then the camera
is pointing to the skates really really simple these skates these me usually
obviously the pole is extended so it’s more like these and then these these and
these easy but what do I do
how do I do this to make it work it’s all in the editing process what I do is
like imagine when the camera goes here cut the clip and then the second part of
the clip basically I turn it 180 degrees so that makes the whole thing looks like
it’s speed it’s not made in the camera even if this camera when I started like
these films like these when I start like this it feels like that but if I turn in
between camera will not change the image so I do it on a computer now you know so
that was it that was just some tips of what I’ve been doing with my GoPro I
hope you enjoy this video if you did enjoy this video subscribe to the
channel give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like it thumbs down and and thank
you very very much to all of you it’s been 200 blogs plus
all the other videos thank you all please do not forget why we all started
skating because it’s fun see you tomorrow or see many other days
thank you you

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  • December 15, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    I emailed you earlier, about laces… Hopefully I've given some good information

  • December 15, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    Thx for the tips man! I will link you up with a nice tip for cheap gear 😜👌🏽 keep up the good work 😉

  • December 15, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    Pure love. Bestest dude

  • December 15, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    Also thanks for stealing my elastic hair tie. Youre welcome

  • December 15, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Olá Ricardo, quem é o teu amigo no vídeo e qual patins ele usa?
    Eu uso um Bauer hockey skate, já testei o Reign Zeus da Powerslide e não gostei muito, agora estou em dúvidas de comprar o Reign Kronos que tem 100mm ou se devo comprar um patins com rodas maiores 110/125mm.
    Será que você tem alguma dica para mim.
    Um buyers guide dos modelos atuais que você indica também seria maior força!
    Um abraço de Viena, obrigo por todos os vídeos.

  • December 15, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    Hey Ricardo! Thankyou for this vid! I've been looking for a decent low budget mike for my gopro and this one looks like a winner! So your camera will actually switch the orientation for you. In gopro Hero 5 settings –> setup section –> orientation = Auto | this will automatically switch the camera for you when you go upside down. Might save you a few min in post!

  • December 16, 2017 at 12:35 am

    No Lino, thank YOU! You are the one making the vids we all enjoy and use as motivation, tips, and entertainment. As for the camera, I’m very not camera savvy but that’s sure a lot of hardware. I myself still gotta figure out how to film myself (when I’m by myself) to keep a video diary of progress for both myself and you.

  • December 16, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Yo Lino! Nice vid.
    I'm still using an action camera you linked in one of your earlier videos, it was the 4K Upslon camera, about forty euro from Amazon, I have it set on 1080p(30fps)and it works just fine, just for all those people who are on a small budget! It also came with a case and full set of accessories. I'm not sure Amazon still have those, but if not, I also got an Apeman action cam, also from Amazon, also with case, accessories, two batteries, for around that price, really cheap and great quality, check the reviews on Amazon, for anyone who's interested. I did a video on my gear on my channel, it has links to the action cams as well as a camera pole and handy tripod, in the video's description, all very good quality but not expensive. (Remember you don't need 4K for YouTube, can't even upload in it, 1080p HD is fine)

  • December 16, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    I think you can chose "Auto" option in gopro settings for rotation, then it'll help to reduce the time of editing.

  • December 16, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    I really likes your videos and skating.

  • December 16, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    Happy 200 Lino!

    Cheers to 200 more 😎

  • December 21, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    tenho quase certeza que a gopro hero 5 faz a inversao de video automaticamente. é uma opcao que eu acho que precisa do app dela pra configurar. Tem uma opcao que é pra ela ficar o video pra cima independente da posicao que vc inicia, se iniciar de cabeixa pra baixo ela vai entender isso como o pra cima normal. tem a outra opcao que é pra sempre deixar o video já pra cima normal quando vc vira. é uma das features da gopro. verifica o app dela. posso estar enganado, mas eu vi isso pra hero 4 e nao acredito que tenham tirado isso dela.


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