I’m thrilled to be back at The Vineyard.
This is my fourth time. I have to say The Vineyard is one of my favorite places to work. We’re back at our home, which is The Vineyard. It’s just wonderful because
I’m with John Kander and David Thompson again. This is a 30-year collaboration. THE BEAST IN THE JUNGLE is a project that Susan Stroman and John Kander and I started pretty much after we had done THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS. We’re telling the story in dance and in scene dialogue. There’s no singing in it. It’s inspired by the novella by Henry James called “Beast in the Jungle” although we’ve put
it in contemporary times and in doing that, it’s very loosely inspired by Henry James. The music is all waltzes, which I think is one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life. What we looked at was finding a story that was about a man who
was unable to make a connection with the people and in particular this one woman
in his life. We all know people who have a beast–who have some sort of event in their life that keeps them from moving forward. I think one of the reasons that the three of us are so happy about this is
playing around with the form itself because it’s not like anything we’ve ever done before.

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