okay a couple of difficult subjects for kids to learn is our getting up after falling and going up hills going up hills you want that just to encourage the duck walk you know just the opposite of a pie bigger kids can sidestep up pretty easily um it's not it's not gonna go well it's really hard to learn to walk uphill and what you think is a small hill is a huge hill so vainly if there's a little hill in the way you can try to encourage them to walk up it but if they don't again don't make a big deal of it or struggle your jobs to go up there and give them the little push they need to get over it but again for little kids it's gonna be the duck walk until they get to strong age strong skiers then they can then they can sidestep up but that's it's kind of difficult but again it your job is to keep them safe to get there over the hills so if there's a hill in the way it's not their job to get over it it's your job and that's particularly true around the lifts as far as getting up that is something you want them to learn to do you don't want them to worry about falling falling should not be a big deal a lot of kids will do it their own way the most common way I've used is you know they need skis need to be facing downhill and it should not be a steep hill their skis are in a pizza and they can grab onto their knees and lean forward and stand up sometimes they'll grab on to one knee and push up with their hands they might find their own method whatever it is that's fine at first again don't stress it they're not going to be able to get up so the first few times you should go over there and actually just pick them up that's not a failure they shouldn't think if they fall down there's gonna be some huge event and also mentioning putting skis on and off it's for seven eight year old it's gonna be cupcake for three or four L it's more difficult but not for gender of course the toe goes in first try to get them maybe like they're smashing a bug with the heel and if they can push down with their heel and pull up with the heel piece at the same time that'll usually work it's generally easier for the second ski to get on than the first because they have all the support of the first ski so it's easily to get their weight distributed that's about it again as with everything else don't stress about it if they can put their own skis on great if not so what they can do is take their skis off and that's actually nice so they get tired and that's pretty easy just they sit down and they just push down on the heel piece and pull out with your foot it's pretty simple all right that's part of the getting up putting your skis on and walking uphill

Teach Children Skiing: Getting Up, Walking Uphill, and Putting Skis On (9/12)
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One thought on “Teach Children Skiing: Getting Up, Walking Uphill, and Putting Skis On (9/12)

  • July 30, 2019 at 10:13 am

    Thank you for your videos! They are really useful. I am going to teach my 3-year-old  to ski this winter and I was not sure how to go about it. I feel more confident now.


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