yeah hello Natalie not Jack we are right now at enjoy Russian language school inside it's really warm but outside it's so cold chilly chilly and snow watching snares net buckle so we are going to continue talking about the winter about winter sports within to tell about Maine winter sports today and you're going to learn different kinds of sports and how to talk about them aggression good set of vocabulary for this coming winter yes so what shall we start with a very Russian sport hockey okay okay yes it is really Russian so little bit method and well and big I've actually never seen hockey I've never been to a hockey game shame on me but my husband what happened she decided it was so exciting it wasn't st. Petersburg it is a huge Stadium it's like a great show and it was so much fun and he's really excited about this sport yeah well by the way there is a great TV series which is called malinovka it's like Youth Hockey League draw yes and well I think the Ministry of sports and health they created this to be serious especially to promote this sporty way of life and to promote and of winter sports maybe and just to engage more young people into sports so the TV series is great if you want to watch something in Russia you can watch it it's both Mullica it's everything about hockey and young people and love and relationship it's nice it's really interesting I don't play rock yes no I never played hockey but I have played the sport that I usually do during the winter is haha what is the rush that's Alicia mm-hmm that's up now Lygia well usually those are actually those these condoms Keenan okay so leisure knowledge off is prepositional case and the verb is kept that's a cat that's uh it's like to ride to true yeah you can also cut out some emotions it to ride a horse you cut out something with spin to ride a bike but it must be just for fun no goal no destination just fun but that's not no leisure what else on what else can you get out you can also get that nature that is skating can key those are the shoes themselves with those skates okay okay that's enough end cut cut that's in Malaysia the gazelle you decide that you like to cut out some our leisure what about that's like a cut I do enjoy skating but I'm really bad at it I fall down so it's not it's not for me okay well I'm saying yeah I tried many times but I'm not good at it okay I think if it does involve in many other cities so crushes means even more widespread that people like to do it more because they just go outside and they walk but it's in English it's right in English we have alpine skiing which is downhill right we also have Nordic and cross-country skiing which is a little different in Russia well in Russia we just say I'd leave no later so you just walk it ski at the same time or cut that so or again definitely don't people talk about alpine ski right so it's just about the speed how fast you go okay so if you just go out and go through a forest skis yeah yellow blue and ecology mm-hmm anything else that what else do we have I think a very important thing that we ought to speak about is thank you song that's my favorite and I think that the most favorite of every child in Russia when the winter comes everyone takes their son key and they go outside this search for the closest you and they just go down yeah what a Sun King rush I think it's clear what it is nice sledding okay actually we have so many different types of sake we also have lead donkey but the move key actually those are just different like things you use to go down from the hill and there are different kinds and they look differently but actually like some people just take a plastic bag sit on top and Kotel and it's also really fun but actually it's quite dangerous so don't use isang key and not go from really steep and high hills yeah be careful it's actually it's quite dangerous and there are few every year there are a few accidents unfortunately because people go down from really like steep high hills and it's the speed is a really fast of course yeah you can just break something yeah be careful I think we missed so more o snowboarding it's is very difficult to translate this to Russian the word is just so difficult snowball but it's interested in English you can make a verb out of it in Russian you cannot it cannot say snowboard each now there's no such a verb there's just an ounce snowboard is the board itself and again I cut thoughts on a snowboard again just having fun using the snowboard cut outs on a snowboard yes it's doesn't wash my it's also possible is it not on board okay let's go through them again Jack will help me digisight true mm-hmm okay hot that garage book okay play hockey some key sled got that some that sucker go sledding slow what it's no work got that's enough snowboard there snowboarding lazy skis that's an ELISA go ski I need knowledgeable that's do Nordics and yes it's always okay I think it's the same as a television show okay key skits that's nothing guy go skating okay I think yeah okay if you like winter sports let us know and let us know which one you like the most maybe snowboard you can keep it Sarki which is not I think the sport itself is just so calm yeah it's just having fun okay guys we're going to make another interesting we do videos for you stay in touch subscribe to our Channel and come to visit us to enjoy our winter stay warm

Talk about winter sports in Russian! | Lesson 9

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