I have been waiting for the last week and a half for this package to show up. It’s finally here and I am super excited to share with everybody that we will be collaborating with the shoe company, Supra. They’ve seen what we’re doing with the accordion and they absolutely love it and want to get behind it and they want to help us create videos and we will be doing stuff for Squeeze & Thanks and we will be doing stuff for Supra and we will be creating content. I am just like I am so blown away that this is happening They sent us a care package and I can’t wait to open it up and see what’s inside Swag for the boys Oh my God Look at this color way Oh, yo! Look at the soles! Look how perfect this is! It’s like the exact same color, it’s perfect Oh my God So I loaded up my accordion case I’m heading over to Jason’s right now They gave us enough shoes for me and my crew What’s up guys? I brought my accordion Open it up What am I gonna see? Cool man! Sweet! I love these ones! Are these ones for me? Yeah these are all yours No way! Yeah these are all yours Oh s**t, that’s awesome man! This is so cool I wanted to be excited but I didn’t want to get so excited cause I didn’t want to you to take them away from me if I let myself get excited Oh this is nice and soft I like it I feel official Thank you Supra, these are incredible I can’t believe you guys sent these over for us This is awesome, I love the shoes, I love the hoodie I can’t wait to be representing Supra out and about and I can’t wait to work on some content That will be really fun too So… Super pumped! See ya later man Can I have the Impossible Whopper? Yeah. Ketchup please, yeah Cool, thank you What’s up man? How are you? Burger King here, Denny’s a saint And there’s an input thing, I need you to take a look at the input on here There’s something they’re talking about Check out this input Oh, dude! S**t! Holy shit bro Your accordion looks different today Oh s**t! Look at this! Fresh bro Yo I was genuinely confused for a second, I was like wait… Did I open the wrong pocket? Oh dude This fits perfect Thank you so much to Supra We’ve been working extremely hard so we appreciate working with you guys We’re gonna be playing “Music is Art” soon We’re gonna have new content coming out soon, so We can’t wait for what the future holds Thank you so much So the sun is going down, I figured it’s probably in everybody’s best interest that I step on a skateboard again We’re gonna mess around for just a little bit and see what happens I gotta do it, I gotta hop back on a skateboard again I’ve been trying this now for like 15 minutes I’ve never done a wall ride shove I think I gotta learn it today We all know that the toe drag, that doesn’t count It’s getting further and further away I gotta get it That’s two, we gotta get one clean one. Come on. That’s as close as it’s gonna get And we are on our way home right now That was the first time I skated in literally 3 years I am so so sore, I probably shouldn’t have done that I have a wedding that I have to play at tomorrow, so umm… Haha In the sake of getting hooked up with Supra I had to go and skate today, it felt so good I’ve got one more thing I want to do today and then we’ll call it a day So the last thing I want to do today now that I have some new shoes We’ll add one more shelf to this and I think it’ll look pretty sweet when it’s all finished **beep, beep, beep** **fire** So that’s it guys, today was an amazing day, thank you for joining me It was amazing to hop back on a skateboard for the first time in 3 years Supra, thank you! Thank you so much for hooking up me and the guys We really really appreciate it We can’t wait to work with you and start creating videos for your new campaign We’ll see you guys around!

Supra Footwear Sponsors An Accordionist?!
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  • August 29, 2019 at 4:32 am

    Such a busy guy, its awesome 💯💯


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