welcome back 613 is your time this morning and as our Colorado grows our ski resorts have gone from being just winter destinations to year-round places to visit but after 10 years straight of growing summer crowds this year there has been a slight decline while prices have gone up more than three percent occupancy is actually down more than five percent experts say big swings in the stock market and talks of a potential interest rate increase are weighing on tourists it makes them a little bit worried about rate makes them plan a little bit shorter instead of further in advance and it makes them perhaps look for something that's a little bit more affordable so experts will now be watching to see how resorts strike the balance between maintaining visitors and maintaining revenues for the remaining summer months

Summer occupancy down at Colorado ski resorts
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One thought on “Summer occupancy down at Colorado ski resorts

  • July 27, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    Fuck these rich fucking assholes. You can’t even go skiing and miss a day of work because it’s going to cost you twice. Fuck these people. Burn down their ski lodges. Fuck these people


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