♪ Instrumental music ♪ – [Ryan] Not sure where life will take us, what’s gonna happen, where we’ll go, who we’ll meet, what we’ll do. What I do know is nothing worries me with you by my side. We complement each other and
whatever happens in life, being together will be
our greatest strength. ♪ Lyrics ♪ ♪ Lyrics ♪ ♪ Lyrics ♪ – [Shawn] And it requires
a lot of sacrifices, following your dreams, following
what your passion about and it led him to someone
very special in his life. Hayleigh, I mean there’s
not much more I can say other than you’ve pretty
much been part of the family since day one. ♪ In the morning I may rise ♪ ♪ But at night I descend ♪ – [Hayleigh] The last six and a half years have been full of exciting adventures, new challenges, and memories
that will last forever. – [Ryan] My favorite
memories together were when we were with our families. Your family’s welcomed me
with open arms out here. I’ve become part of the family. Trips around Boston, Red Sox
games, grilling with friends. You’ve laughed every step of the way. – [Hayleigh] I had dressed up
for a Christmas figure skating show at the ice rink. It was a Saturday in December of 2012. It had been quite some time since I had been to a hockey game and I surely didn’t know
that would be the beginning of our love story. – [Ryan] When I moved cross
country eight years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I certainly didn’t
expect to meet the person I’d spend the rest of my life with. You never complained
about our crazy schedules. I love that no matter what time of night I’d get back from work or
come home from the road, you’re always excited to see me. – [Hayleigh] Today, we start a
new chapter in our love story by becoming husband and wife. ♪ They speak a language on the heights ♪ ♪ Like the sound of silence ♪ ♪ Or a blinding brightness ♪ (excited talking) ♪ But not a hymn nor sound nor cry ♪ ♪ Not but a kiss, names
the God of Heaven ♪ ♪ So I seek that inner flame ♪ ♪ To know that kindness ♪ ♪ And to see that goodness ♪ ♪ And like keys my deepest pains ♪ ♪ Unlock the heavens, though
I am ragged from them ♪ ♪ I sing Oh, ♪ ♪ where there are dreary
streets come dance with me ♪ – [Deacon Mike] And they saw
each other across the room and immediately when their eyes met, sparks flew out of their eyes. And it’s taken them
seven years to get here. (laughter) That may not have exactly been the way they told it to me, but it
sounds much more romantic. (mellow chorus) So we gather today, in the
presence of family and friends from all over. – [Ryan] I, Ryan, take you, Hayleigh. – [Hayleigh] I, Hayleigh, take you, Ryan. – [Ryan] To be my wife. – [Deacon Mike] I promise
to be faithful to you. – [Ryan] I promise to be faithful to you. – [Deacon Mike] In sickness and in health. – [Hayleigh] In sickness and in health. – [Deacon Mike] To love
you and to honor you. – [Hayleigh] To love you and to honor you. – [Deacon Mike] All the days of my life. – [Kayleigh] All the days of my life. (mellow chorus) I now present to you
for the very first time, Mr. And Mrs. Ryan and Hayleigh Holt. (crowd applauding) (mellow music) ♪ where there are dreary
streets come dance with me ♪ – [Shawn] I look back
on growing up with Ryan and the first thing I
go back to is baseball. Mainly watching Ryan play baseball. Very focused, determined, passionate, the leadership qualities
he had playing baseball, and it was something I always admired. Throughout the years, he’s
always carried through in his life, and pretty
much everything he’s done through high school, college, and even now out here in Bakersfield being a broadcaster for the Condors. Woop woop! Woop woop! (dramatic music) It’s really good to get
friends and family together. We now have a really large family. Even larger than it was before back east. (dramatic music) – [Tiffany] Ryan’s felt like a
part of our family for years. I’m just so happy that Ryan met such an amazing girl like Hayleigh. I mean, he’s just so lucky. And Hayleigh didn’t do so bad herself. – We just wanna thank everyone for coming. Cheers everybody, enjoy your night! (crowd cheering) (dramatic music)

Strongest Together | Ryan & Hayleigh’s Wedding

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