Buster we hop in the car and go yeah let's do that please are you ready yes are you go hey you see it yeah yeah let's go plan for the day mall we're not we're not plugging in the mall cuz that's fucking horrible yeah or it's Kalei sir please act like you're not on crack for three minutes all right children so fuckers what are we doing an errand oh we're scootering I don't like how light this board is like I can't feel it under my feet it just doesn't care like you murder me oh yeah you're gonna jump that what no he's gonna do it you're not getting that it was at this moment that he knew he fucked up whoa you good what do you say you said thanks so cool that you can get over them his crack is hanging up start him young he's a big disappointment isn't he he's the worst Aaron right yeah markets dismissed him he kind of missed all the Ollie's but he Trey flipped over at first try got away stupid hey you suck I just give me two minutes get this time right here you see that no one's ever done that call that doctor and over Oh calm down don't you land on a child wait okay that's rude good one bud what do we do I believe gerrymandering colton's sucks at skating but he's currently trying to give lessons wait I think you did this already first try first [Applause] yeah I can only that you are terrible have you embedding it I like the part where you flipped instead of the board I think my hips black it was really not easy dog oh my god how do you drop a pin on an iPhone learn that on grounded when we got a fourth member today are you a lazy Medellin Johnny squad man oh good are you doing haven't gotten laid in months boy fucking pussy hey what's up guys Marcus didn't teach going to use this camera so we just got this overexposed video right here know how to do what you turn that oh yeah what about 16 that's good that cool but I like it a or scooters missing handlebars bro hey God do it again new trick on it push out on the good way bring your fucking ass bro yeah this is some shit bro no you don't get a second chance on top everything is not shining down life is not always a second chance oh shit are you scared you're too scared should have to run back and take your boat when I'm catching with my friend totally exact you're trying to catch up with him no problem if you don't get it you're you're you're fired he's right there you better not see me do fucking hand Springs on the ground gnomes are for James Aaron just your brother yeah sure little Mexican – vamos – please a gorilla but all the time and Nutella – yo yo your cel ilizarov are you the girl bro Scoob I'll give a shit Oh hands down and everything was no right ever since then it we can pass everything they said we were I called in I was like we're gonna be there skating today and they said

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