so this is a storytime type thing and
I’m really trying to get a little bit more used to open it up you know because
I know I’ve been posting a lot of my music but you know what we’re gonna switch the
page real quick I’m gonna tell you about this time for the skating rink alright
alright so I’ll walk up into the skating rink you know I’m just doing my thing
you know skating you know but no no no no I’m just doing my thing I’m just
getting around and um I brought my sister right and so it’s me and my
sister and we’re just doing our thing right we just skating having fun turns
into a little like nighttime and I’m trying to I’m trying to talk with this
girl right right you know I’m trying to put on the moves you know and so I’m a
flirting here and there she said oh okay okay I see you I see you and then you
know I see my sister she’s hanging out with her friends they seem like they’re
having a good time and then you know I’m looking back over at the girl and she’s
like do you come here often and I’m like you know yeah yeah I’m
always skating I’m always doing my thing you know I’m always on the skates right
and so as more people are coming in right I start to worry because when a
lot of people come in in a small building it’s not small but things get
scary so you have to get past them you know a lot of people start getting on
the rink and you have to get past them so my smart self show off in front of
the girl you know you know trying to make her be left oh okay you got some
skating skill you know I start doing tricks right you know like I’ll go this
way I go that way you know trying to dodge
these people know trying to do like the stanky leg just a little bit trying to
show her that I got control over these skates right she starts to laugh you
know she starts to blush of just a little bit she’s like mmm okay okay my
this Dube maybe got some skill right and so I mentioned that I was with my sister
right so as I’m doing all this other people are too so other people are going
like super fast beside me super fast I’m the girl that um I’m flirting with and
super fast by my sister right so this is what’s gonna happen watch this watch
this watch this watch this so I’m skiing you know skate skate skate
ski right and I look in front of me right now I mean you always look at in
front you but I’m looking front of me right
and try to see who’s really in front of me and then I hear right and my sister
Phil right she hit the ground hard she just kind of cheated she slept over her
face she made out with the ground for one second she was on the bed she fell
so much so she hits the floor but the thing is is that you know from a
distance you know what’s funny right but when you right there right next huh or
not even right next to her she was like a few feet in front of me right since
there are so many people I couldn’t just mosey around her you know so I had to
think real fast arrest I’m going fall and I can’t be falling because the hot
girl over there she don’t want no falling ass nigger like she she okay
hold the skates no she don’t want someone someone who’s gonna be there for
you know no matter when she skating right so fast
right and so I was like you know what can go left can’t go right can’t go down
let’s go up so I’m in air right just in the air bro and I noticed that I have to
land you know who I have to land this perfectly because if I don’t land this
perfectly then what’s your face the girl who don’t wanna know no skate mask nigga
she gonna be you know I ain’t gonna be able to get when I’m trying to get which
is a good first date so I’m jumped so I’m in the air to to to to to I’m in the
air I hit the ground right right then my feet said oh one fuck with you no more
they looked at each other in there it’s like I don’t think we can do this
anymore cuz I didn’t planning a breakup for years and you know me landing on the
ground what’s the thing that set it off my feet went different ways but then
Here I am as the middle friend as the third we’ll who’s trying to make sure
that everybody’s okay right so I’m trying to pull them back together so I’m
doing this like this like weird dance trying to get them back together right
I’m doing the I’m doing the oh no dance you know that dance for your hands in
the air you fall in but you don’t want to say you Father you still try to play
it off with you’re like oh no and then I’m like crap because escape
ring is basically in a big oval right you can’t put a straight line on an oval
so if you’re going in a straight line there’s gonna be an object and your way
to stop you so that’s what happened I’m still trying to be all cool for the girl
right I’m still so I’m doing oh no dance and trying to look sexy I’m like you
know I’m trying to I’m trying to like maintain whatever hold I got onto her
like I said there’s something to stop me and it’s a little this little stair step
to go a trip carpet area so you don’t gotta always skate you know and boom my
feet they fly by me drop I’m Superman for a second and there I was it’s a bird
it’s a plane nope it’s a nigga on skates and so the
wall decided to become my best friend and the wall came up to me with the big
hug and it said Here I am here did I kiss the wall as hard as my sister
kissed that floor I was no that low those like movie things were there for
you alright yeah yeah I was doing one of those I never got to see the girl again
but hey a good story came out of it so I can’t really complain if you enjoyed
that story and you want more stories leave a like that would be awesome or if
you really want more comment down below about what else you want to know about
me maybe even give me some ideas for songs or something if you really really
want more um d like my new hair I know um most people that are watching this
I’m actually seeing me in person and they just have afro but not what dumped
obvious but yeah I epic gang ow

Story Time | Skating Rink⛸
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5 thoughts on “Story Time | Skating Rink⛸

  • June 8, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    walked around that room like a skating rink 😂

  • June 8, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    "Fallin ass nigga"💀💀💀

  • June 9, 2018 at 3:07 am

    I got dizzy 😂

  • June 9, 2018 at 8:44 am

    Make a song about camp

  • September 2, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    I like fallin' ass niggas 😉


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