hi I'm AJ Jones and winter sports club manager here in perisher within the parish in winter sport scope we have about six hundred and eighty athletes have about 90 coaches that work for us we we offer three main discipline-specific focuses in that being with our mobile program our snowboard program and our Alpine program hi I'm Steven Edward some head coach and Alpine teams coordinator here too perisher witness sports club we have a program that runs here all through the winter season weekends and mid week we go from under eggs all the way through to adults and we also have a master's program as well we cover all aspects of the winter sports club from the grass roots of skiing right through two World Cup competitors she thinks this dear all this lines right between his legs except unknown let me come to break for it to another state where I stand back on my name's Chad Kalia on the head snowboard coach here at Paris trip when the sports club we specialize in the disciplines of halfpipe slopestyle and bought across which are all the Olympic disciplines even in a pretty terrible snow year like we're experiencing a moment parishes contribution to our sports is amazing as you can see we've got a 60 foot jump at the bottom of the park this done push it hard line got to board across tracks and endless GS facilities that we can train on as well you you can only second strike as a price to pay hi I'm Peter McNeil I'm the head coach of the parish winter sports club local program another unique opportunity here at perisher is that the parachute winter sports club is completely integrated across all the disciplines including Alpine moguls and even snowboards so although we only have 40 athletes skiing moguls regularly we actually probably see about 100 athletes involved in moguls through crossing over from alpine and snowboard which is really great for the kids skiing and into schools because they can train all the disciplines small within the same program this morning we caught up with the parish of winter sports club myself Torah and rough and sure we're up here chatting with the kids doing some signings and you know just just telling them that you know winter sports club is where we started where we developed our skills that we have now and you know it's just a really good place where you can go right with kids your own age have coaching you know you know spend the time down here and have a lot of fun so we're just kind of letting them know that they're on the right path being successful if they keep up the hard work and continue doing what they're doing so it was a it was a really productive and good fun morning

SSA Pathways: Perisher Winter Sports Club
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