what does it take to win how do you get that edge introducing dynamic edge a company dedicated to sports vision training dynamic edge is a sports vision training facility that will provide services for amateur and professional athletes as well as military Special Forces and police tactical teams using a proven system called the sensory motor integration technique we do so many things with the athletes today as far as nutrition is concerned we trained virtually every part of their body except their muscles that control their eyes and when you think about the way players react and how they see and pick up plays that's the one area that nothing has ever been done on and that's where this whole concept got developed every sport is basically the same it's being able to see what's going on in front of you and being able to process it and be able to handle the pressure of playing the game and being able to see those things when you're under a lot of pressure the sensory motor integration technique has been used for years by both military Special Forces units and professional sports teams to improve performance now dynamic edge has brought this scientifically proven method previously available only to a select few to any athlete looking for that extra competitive edge dynamic edge is part of an athletic training package that should be just as important to your routine as going to the gym and running and lifting weights to improve endurance because the muscles in the eye are like any other muscle in your body they need to be overstressed to improve strength and endurance the dynamic edge training system will enable users to outperform less visually fit athletes because it has been designed to improve a wide variety of dynamic visual skills starting with peripheral awareness founder Karen lund sees knowledge in this field is the driving force behind the dynamic edge approach it's important to differentiate between peripheral vision and peripheral awareness peripheral vision cannot be changed but peripheral awareness can be greatly enhanced by using retinal stimulation and that's a big part of our program well we take it one step further and build on that foundation by improving things like by hand coordination recognition skills peripheral awareness depth perception concentration all those things that you need to take it to the next level while any athlete in any sport will benefit from dynamic edge training pakhi goaltender's have had particularly impressive results and you really have to have the vision to be a goaltender if you don't have great eyes and a great sense of where the puck is and then great peripheral vision I don't see how you can be a goaltender in today's game I've been coaching goalies for an awful long time and I've never been aware of any training for your eyes I've always assumed that if you're a goalie you can see her to do well because that's so important if you can't see the puck you aren't going to stop it well not only do I want my goal is to improve their ability to see the release quicker and maybe concentrate on that puck even better than they are right now I also want them to be able to see what's going on around them at the same time and I see this train as something that's really going to help them in their game in those big games when everything is on the line one of the most common stress effects that the athlete will experience is either a total loss of concentration or he'll become so focused on a key target or objective that he loses his awareness of what's going on around him something that we call peripheral tunneling here at dynamic edge we work on those things by forcing the athlete to concentrate on the central target but at the same time see and react to a peripheral stimulus we try to recreate those stressful environments by putting the athlete through a number of peripheral awareness development exercises so that when he goes back to the game it becomes second nature he doesn't revert to the tunneling and he plays better some of the kids were we're not catching the puck cleanly in their gloves it was bouncing out or or they'd be not sure that they had it now I see them tracking the right to their glove and it's usually going right in the web part which is what do you wanted to go that way there's no possibility of a rebound I love the name dynamic edge because what it is it's an edge for a goaltender that comes here and trains dynamic edges made me a much better player for the simple fact that I am seeing a lot more pucks and able to react to them much more quickly it's very quick very easy to do it's not like a practice run long I got to go to practice it's fun I come here for 30 minutes I do my stuff and then you definitely notice a difference I was extremely happy to see dynamic edge come in this area as a note just as the course for the former professional athlete knowing that the mental side of the game is so important that there hasn't been that much in the past of how to deal with it I could really see how it probably would help my game which was around and so as a coach I'm obviously going to all my athletes this is the place to be there's nothing else like dynamic edge you can do all the drills on ice drills that you want but nothing compares to this I think it's a great concept and there really isn't any reason why I wouldn't endorse it I think it helps train people to become better athletes I think it's a great idea and I think it's gonna do wonders dynamic edge see yourself winning make your move and visit our website at WWDC a

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