my name is Timmy Donald and I'm currently in my fourth year of sports management coaching hi my name's Rebecca naughty and I'm in my fourth year in sports management and coaching you so this course is really beneficial because it allows you to have the business aspect as well as the practical and theory aspect human resource management contempory sports management and marketing then some of the practical modules that we do is coaching children personal training strength and conditioning typical day I had a lecture then I did personal training and I had another lecture whereas in this one we went out to our Astro pitch we tracked a five-a-side game gathered all the information so like speed distance and then we brought it back into the classroom we looked at all the information I TV's a really friendly campus it's great because when you go into the canteen you know everybody it's a real informal kind of atmosphere go sit with your friends you mix with other courses it's really simple like campus is really lovely as well constant improvements student life is obviously first priority and it's really good to see that in a college the lecture is here really doesn't it break it down in a way that you can understand so you're not put in to be called with over a couple of hundred students so I think it's really good because they can break it down and they can explain it to you more some of the jobs that some former students have gone into somewhere personal trainers and run their own businesses previous classmate of mine who left after 30 or set up his own gym I myself sports and event management I would definitely recommend ITB for all aspects for student life and for stories as well

Sports Management & Coaching at TU Dublin – Blanchardstown Campus

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