my name's Ben person I play fullback currently for the MMU first-team Rugby Union my course is sports management I'm a placement student as well so I currently work on behalf of MMU sport so I work in sports development so it's all about engaging with students that maybe don't take part in sport and so I lead on the active campus timetable which we try to get people that don't do sport into spot working in the sport industry I get an inside view of how important sport is to the university wherever its competing not on a performance level or whether it's down at the participation level just wanna increase increased numbers we all came together as a group in late August and September for the preseason and we played 15 aside all the way through what to to early May really with the playoffs fortunately we'll come through the playoffs and escaped and was led suppose been champions of that but the background of us had an out to China's the fact that rugby sevens is being majorly prioritized in China at the moment sevens is a new sport is in the Olympics China looking to develop that as much as they can and the fact that we've got a lot of experience in would be especially rugby sevens I think they're looking to be done are knowledge

Sport at Manchester Met: Ben Pearson – UK-China University Sports Week
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