The Skating Club was established in 2014
to help promote West Australian ice skating sports. Yeah it was so we could
promote further skating opportunities for our kids. The figure skating
community is very enthusiastic we have seen major increases in numbers at our
local rink here at Cockburn Ice Arena and also within our club. We applied for a
sponsorship grant from the city of Cockburn and that was for $5,000 and we
were lucky enough to actually have that awarded to us to put towards our
benchmark competition which was called the Swan Trophy. We needed
international and interstate judges. The Swan Trophy is a benchmark event, so
flights and getting judges and officials over can be quite costly. The process of
applying for the funding was a little daunting to start with as I hadn’t done
it before. The Community Grant Officers were fantastic on the phone and helping
to guide me with that. We had lots of support from the Cockburn City Council and yeah it was very smooth and very efficient. Thank you so much to the city
of Cockburn for sponsoring us and making this happen for the community and we
hope to have a bigger and better event next year

Sponsoring the WA Figure Skating Club
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