The best mopping band in
the whole world, here’s Kleintje Pils. Kleintje Pils is good fun. It’s an old Dutch tradition and they’ve been
around the world. They create the vibe,
the people. Just like tulips,
cheese and clogs they’re a part of
KLEINTJE PILS PRACTICE) Good evening, guys.
It’s great you all made it. We’re Kleintje Pils. We’ve been a mopping band
for over 40 years. We travel all over
along with the speed skaters. It’s folk music,
like a brass band, but we play very accessible
tunes, party tunes. We play at embassies,
Holland publicity appearances and many sports events. We want to entertain
the audience with our music and show them that our
Dutch thing works all around the world. Next weekend,
we’re performing in Thialf, the national long-distance
skating cup. There will be some
great skating. There are three tracks
I want to rehearse for this. The Frisian Anthem. Ruud. We started out in 1975
as a very small band. There were only five of us
and we needed a name. At the bar we would ask for
a little beer. Kleintje Pils. A little glass is
a “kleintje”, it’s beer. We liked beer and
we were little guys so we decided this
would be a fitting name. One time we were asked
to join a carnival club. Carnival is when everybody
gets dressed up and goes from pub to pub. If they’re joined by
a band like ours, it’s called mopping,
so a mopping band. When you’re mopping
you go back and forth. It’s also how you walk
when you’re drunk. By now, it has a double meaning as we perform during
speed skating as well. Now people think mopping bands
play during the mopping break. Guys, this is wrong.
The modulation didn’t go well. – You were late.
– Jos says we were too late. – You were too late.
– Perhaps? In 1986, there finally
was an Elfstedentocht (11 Cities Tour) again. You could compare it to
the Tour de France but in one Dutch province. The entire day, our music was
broadcast live on TV. From then on,
the name Kleintje Pils was established in
the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, speed skating is the most
important sport we have. – Representing Netherlands.
– The Netherlands… Representing Netherlands… It’s really amazing. By now, we’ve visited
32 different countries. 33 countries. – 39, 40?
– I’d say 50 or 60 countries. So that’s Australia,
China, Brazil, Surinam, America, Canada,
the whole world. In the end it’s about
the skating, and we love contributing
to that. – Nice, guys.
– Perfect. Let’s have a cappuccino,
or a little beer. (SASSENHEIM, NETHERLANDS
DAY OF NATIONAL SKATING CUP) Load up and let’s go. Did you have an early night?
Can we roll now? The Dutch love skating. As soon as it freezes, you can get on the ice
and that’s fantastic. I wanted to go yesterday,
but I wasn’t sure. If in doubt, then go. – Can you hear the ice?
– Awesome. We’re going to Thialf now,
the Dutch skating temple, to make some party music. Not many athletes have gone
to the Olympic Games eight or nine times. But we have. Some bands stop after 20 years, but we’re still going strong
THIALF SPEED SKATING ARENA) What we think of it? I like the taste of beer
and I like how they play. They’ve put Holland on the map,
and its supporters. Everywhere where
the Dutch skate, they know our world-famous
mopping band Kleintje Pils. It will be a fantastic weekend. When the races start,
we make sure we’re at hand. We’re told when the
mopping breaks will be. Later on is the medal ceremony. We’ll see whether
we’ll use a DJ or you. Some of us love watching
the speed skating competitions. We get a sign that we’re on. Each performance
has to be so good that it’s an invitation
for a next gig. Here in Heerenveen, there is a delegation
for the Olympics in Korea. And it would be great
if they decide that they want us
over there as well. The best mopping band
in the whole world, here’s Kleintje Pils. Then all hell breaks loose. Here, we always select the
tunes people can sing along to. We quickly switch
from one song to another. Sometimes we don’t
finish a tune because something happens
in the audience we want to react to. The great thing about Kleintje
Pils is that during my career they were present at
all the races. They bring something extra to that typical speed skating
atmosphere. It’s an old Dutch tradition and they’re present
most of the time. They always get things going. We never imagined
when we were 14 or 15 that we’d still be together
after 40 years. It’s all about speed skating. This is the most awesome thing
there is. We managed to make whole
audiences in areas sing Dutch songs. And you do it
with your buddies. It’s more than a boy’s dream.

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