Hello, and welcome to Prime Time Sports. I’m
Steven Choi . It’s always difficult for an athlete to retire
from the sport they love. After almost two decades, South Korean speed skater Lee Kyou-hyuk
has officially hung his skates up for good. He had previously said the Sochi Olympics
would be his last,… and held a ceremony in Seoul to make it official. Lee made it to six Olympic Games since 1994,…
the most for a South Korean,… but did not win a medal,… coming as close as 4th at
Torino in 2006. He said,… despite not winning one,… he
was grateful for the opportunity and gained so much from it all. Still,… Lee retires with four sprint world
titles,… as well as having inspired the new generation of skaters in Korea.

Speed Skating: Six-time Olympian Lee Kyou-hyuk retires
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