So, I’ve been riding the Spectra X with the
remote for a little while now and it’s time to test the 3D Posture Control System. Hey, what’s up eskaters? Nate from eSkate Hub here and today I’ve got
for you the Spectra X electric skateboard review. And I cannot tell you how excited I am to
show you this board. After trying the Spectra Advanced which was
a little bit sub-par, now they’ve updated with the newest release, it is awesome and
I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to ride it. But just a heads up, this is not the final
product. I have been given a pre-production board to
test out, so they are still trying to iron out some issues. Spectra are aware of them and are fixing them
so they do not occur in the boards that are sent to their customers. So, as you can see, it’s a tiny little board. It’s 27.5″ long. It’s got a completely flat deck with a kicktail
on the back, however, the kicktail is not really that useful because of the way you
brake on this board which I’ll show you later on. The grip tape is nice and gentle, it’s not
very coarse, but it’s enough. And underneath, it looks like it’s something
out of The Avengers. It’s an all-plastic enclosure and it’s got
this quick-swap battery which is just awesome, I love that. Trucks aren’t anything special, it’s got Paris
trucks on the front and the standard hub motor trucks on the back that you see on most boards. The wheels are pretty solid, especially on
the front. They’re just a custom made wheel. You can kind of see some grooves on them,
it’s just a surface pattern, it’s not grooved at all, so it’s not really made for off-road
riding. And another thing about the battery, the charging
port is actually on the battery, so you can be out riding your board while charging your
spare battery at home. So, it’s got dual hub motors at the back which
is a welcome upgrade from the Spectra Advanced which originally had the motors in the front
which just created all sorts of problems so it’s nice to see that upgrade. It also has a mobile app so you can change
your riding modes. It’s got comfort, sport and racing mode. You can use it as a remote while riding the
board for acceleration and braking. You can adjust the board’s control sensitivity,
you can contact their customer service with their direct messaging feature and lastly,
you can track your board via GPS if you’ve ordered the premium model. And the board is IP66 water-resistant which
means you’re going to be able to ride through puddles and little streams of water without
worrying about ruining your board. So, in the box you get some awesome looking
stickers, a user manual and safety guides, T-tool, a charger which is one of the smallest
chargers I’ve ever seen on an electric skateboard, the smallest USB cable I’ve ever seen and
a remote which you’ll probably try at least once but maybe not use ever again and you’ll
see just why in a sec. And to top it off, it’s wrapped up in this
stunning little package. So the Spectra X comes in at US$599 and there’s
also an option to get the Spectra X Premium for US$699 which adds the GPS tracking capability. So as you can see from my filthy board I’ve
already been out for a ride so let me just take you back and show you how easy this thing
is to get going. So, the remote’s going away in the pocket. First, I’m going to turn it on. F***, that was so easy. Woo! This is F***ing good! That was my first go at the 3D posture control
system and honestly, I can’t believe how good that is. That is a huge step up from the Spectra Advanced. Let’s check what mode I was in. I was in comfort mode, let’s turn that up
to sport. What other settings have we got here? Control sensitivity, gentle and strong, it’s
about midway, I might leave that for now. So I’m in sport mode now. Literally, just lean back to brake. Alright, let’s step this up a notch. We’re in racing now. Testing the brakes. Alright, to honest, I tried the remote and
it wasn’t that great. So what was happening with the remote was,
it had a little bit of latency on the acceleration and especially on the release of the acceleration. So, you’d be going forward, you’d let go of
the acceleration but you’d still keep going forward for a little bit so you’d get this
awkward balance and feel like you’re being thrown off. Let me see if I can show you what happens. I’m in comfort mode and I’m gonna show you
what the acceleration looks like in comfort mode. Very gradual. And
that’s the braking in comfort mode. Put this bad boy into sport mode. I’m still surprised at how good this thing
is. Stick her in racing mode. This is the acceleration in racing mode. And that’s the brakes in racing mode. Damn, that’s good. Not only does leaning back brake but when
you come to a stop and you keep leaning back it’s gonna reverse. I kinda like that. It’s also very natural. Because you lean back to brake you can’t really
use the kicktail as a tic-tacking or a manual popping tool because it just applies the brakes
straight away so, there’s not going to be any of that. I reckon the 3D Posture Control System on
this thing is better than using the remote. The remote has way too much latency and it’s
really awkward to use and I find it very unsettling and I don’t feel confident when I’m riding
with that remote at all. But when I’m using the 3D Posture Control
System on this thing I feel like I have so much control over this board that I much prefer
using it without the remote. So, one thing that’s kind of annoying me is
you can’t really kick push this board because it has that automatic locking system. It’s a safety feature because if you do come
off the board it doesn’t go flying off into the traffic which IU guess is kind of smart
but you can’t really kick push. What’s the trade-off there? Alright, now to thank my lovely girlfriend
for being such an amazing camerawoman, I’m going to give her a go at this bad boy. Shit, alright. OK. So far, so good. How do you brake? Lean back. Oh, not bad, not bad. K. I reckon this is easy. So easy. Yeah, I’m impressed. It’s easier with no remote. It’s easier with no remote? Yeah. You can see just how easy this thing is to
ride. It is a huge step up from the Spectra Advanced. The Spectra X, everything on that board feels
natural. I even met a family in Spain where there were
these two kids in awe of this board so I offered them a ride and they picked it up just like
that. The young girl was a natural, she was away. Although the younger boy, he had a little
bit of trouble riding it. I think it was probably because he was a little
light and the weight sensing pads couldn’t really pick him up so parents, keep in mind
if you are buying for your kids. So, out on the range test I got 3.6 miles
which is 5.8km. I weigh 83kg, there was literally no wind,
it was about 99% flat ground and I thrashed the board as hard as anyone could thrash a
small little posture controlled board and I was in racing mode. So, it’s not a whole lot of range but for
a small portable board that you can take on the train and on an aeroplane or getting from
class to class, I reckon it’s not too bad. The top speed I hit was 21mph which is 34km/h
which is a little bit over what Spectra state on their website. And although there are other boards out there
that go a lot faster, on this tiny little board with a posture control system, it is
plenty fast enough. After pushing the board that hard, I found
my first bug. The battery completely burnt out and was unusable. I kept getting these red flashing lights when
I was trying to turn it on. So, remember this is a pre-production board,
Spectra is aware of these issues and they are in the process of fixing them. Good thing was, Spectra was more than happy
to send me a new battery so that I could continue doing the tests and finish my review. So next up was the hill climb test. I rode up a 6.5-degree incline which is around
11% hill grade and the Spectra cruised up it pretty easily considering. So, I stepped it up a bit and tried to climb
a 9.6-degree incline which is close to 17% and it struggled. If I had a long enough run-up and I’d already
generated some speed, then it would climb up but it would really battle to get up there. Without that existing speed, there is no chance
you’re going to be able to climb a hill that steep. Then after riding down the hill, riding the
brakes the whole way, the battery konked out again. And man, I am shattered because I really actually
enjoy riding this board casually, it’s awesome to just glide around without having a remote,
you’ve got all your hands free. Anyway, hopefully, Spectra are willing to
send me a new battery after they’ve fixed all the issues so I can enjoy this board for
what it is. So the Spectra X electric skateboard is perfect
for people who are taking really short trips. Like from class to class at uni or school
to the train station which might not be too far away, down to the shops to pick things
up, going to coffee, you know, just little errands like that or if you just want to go
out and have a casual cruise for half an hour to an hour and then come home. It’s also great for kids because it’s super
easy to learn and as a parent, you have the ability to control the power settings through
their dedicated app, so you can always make sure that your kids are riding safe. And it’s also a great travel companion because
the battery is small enough to be able to travel on an airline and the board is small
enough to put in the overhead lockers. And there’s no better way to see a new city
than on a little electric skateboard with your hands-free to take your happy snaps. So, that’s the Spectra X. I absolutely love
this board for everything that it is, for what it is. It’ small, compact, and I love the 3D Posture
Control System because it’s natural, it’s easy to learn, it’s predictable, it’s so much
better than the remote, you’ll probably never use the remote again. So, go check out the Spectra X on Walnutt’s
website, the link is in the description below. There’s also a little juicy discount code
for you where you get $30 OFF your discount and I get a little bit of cash in my pocket,
it all goes back into this channel. Thank you so much for watching, if you had
any questions or if I missed something, please ask in the comments below, I do reply to every
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and I’ll see you soon.

SPECTRA X REVIEW – Does This Remoteless Electric Skateboard Really Work?

4 thoughts on “SPECTRA X REVIEW – Does This Remoteless Electric Skateboard Really Work?

  • September 9, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Spectra x is trash. Go meepo mini 2 ER. It has more power than you can ask for and the brakes are extremely strong and adjustable . Oh it also has a 21 mile range . You can swap batteries in 3 minutes also . Need me to go on?

  • September 9, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Spectra also lies to its customers

  • September 9, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    The front truck does not look like a Paris like you say in the video.

  • September 13, 2019 at 5:27 am

    looks awesome!!


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