today I'm gonna be walking off the map kind of like this and then spectating random players in fortnight but before we start this epic video you guys have five seconds to leave a like on this video or there will be a spider on your bed when you wake up the next morning go okay so you guys should have left a like on the video if you haven't I'm sorry you're gonna have a spider on your bed anyway I'm done wasting your time enjoy the video all right so we're just gonna walk off the map so let's just land somewhere on the edge okay let's just drop now I guess I guess that's how it works I've seen so many people do this on YouTube and I'm like hey this is some good content all right so let's find the perfect spot to jump off the map right there Wow a good view as well look at those mountains beautiful you know what before I jump off the map and end my life I want to loot this chest okay I want to loot this chest don't and don't make fun of me boom you know what I want to drink this big shield before dying okay this is my last wish we're drinking the big shield man before I die I kind of want to do one more thing okay this tree you guys may not know this but this is my childhood tree I used to come by this tree and just like sit by it on the shade and yeah we just blocked the Sun but since I'm about to die why not just break the tree man so sad okay I think it's not the diet dang alright paradox underscore Liam whitey okay he cone some 100 go for the wall oh he has a new shotgun oh he's getting pistol though is he gonna listen to default he's missing all the shots this man killed him with a pistol oh my god Wow yeah good job single mom here yo this guy is not the best player ever like I can just tell so he's not gonna stay alive for long or maybe that was just a bad play he might be cracked out of his mind yo drink that mini bro okay he's using bandage he's probably gonna rush that house right there cuz there's so many people there okay he's not gonna rush that house he's he's just gonna keep on looting he's one of those I'm not one of those I just fully rush in if I heard shots I would just go straight towards it like this is a pub game you know okay now he's using a shadow hmm that to me was kind of a waste yep just keep farming okay this guy is definitely gonna die a single mom here he's out he's out with the shadow oh yeah he said for health oh my god there's a person on top to get that calm I get my combat let's go yup you got a heal bro you got a heal oh my god this man just got lasered out of his mind bro you got this you're a single mom mom's rural go you're the best mom coochi collector are you getting minigun bro watch out oh ho oh this man is chilling here the blue pump oh my god this guy's nuts oh good stuff I have faith in this guy right here coochi collector really good stuff right here folks oh my this guy looks like an aggressive player like he has a heavy sniper he's just gonna break walls instantly so yeah I've really high hopes for this guy if I were him I would go check if there are riffs on the other side but she's probably doing right now I see a rift right there yup behind that tree he's probably going for it good stuff okay into the rift here we go now he's gonna lurk for players or go for that Supply Drop okay it's playing it safe he's getting all that loot I like that 18 people lost I have faith in this guy this guy's actually cracked dang my man coochie ain't gettin no coochie bro you know this guy isn't gonna run on a match when he's gonna build fight he's that guy who isn't gonna run out of meds Wow nine people left Wow this pub game is going by pretty fast hit a snipe ah close dude oh my is he gonna push that that's my question I think he is yup coochi better play aggressive that sniped his toes oh my kuchi be careful bro okay he's leaving it's probably gonna get circle he's playing a smart eight people left Oh easy snipe Oh to the dome let's go we got another spectator with me right now he's like man I really just got sniped by this guy laser oh my god this guy's insane yeah that guy that he snipes hes still spectating – I'll hit that mmm laser this is again become scrummy real quick okay he's gonna get circle okay he's playing it safe if I were him I would just push that box right there but I think he knows what he's doing he just wants to get circle this man with this heavy sniper bro he's scary what's his play he's gonna snipe him do it No so close if only he stood still for for a little bit longer he would have got him what's the play was to play coochi collector was to play bro he has so many mattes as well he's legit just waiting for this guy to make a play okay he has another launch pad what I did not expect that he has so many launch pads what the heck okay he's having a build-off can he get high ground oh oh my god calm down scoochie collector calm down ah hold my gun with 10 kills 10 kills Wow he's a are in this guy breaking him down and all that okay four people love he's in circle he's having a build-off Oh that guy has a heavy sniper – are you kidding me oh whoa his shots are so spot-on 11 kills Wow good his fights going on down there he could maybe swoop in and clean it up oh he's going down if I were him I would just say hi you did oh no oh my yup I would have just stayed hi that guy might just take high ground real quick yeah oh here's a launch pad he got lasered yeah this guy's 12 kills oh my god Jordan with the win so many spaces in his name so many spaces Wow GG let's get on to our next game boys this is fun all right let's simply jump off the map like last time okay and let's jump off as fast as possible because I want to spectate the best players in the game okay we're just gonna jump off oh how did I mean to take that right here it looks fine and oh I missed the edge well this is kinda mmm oh right CG DNA Oh right off the bat he gets a kill someone's doing the L dance near him what the heck who is this guy and why is he being toxic oh okay he just ended his life oh he got lasered what else Oh deez nuts with the kill yeah I can't tell if this guy's cracked or not but that for sure was a laser Oh people on top of that robot thing Oh laser are you really just gonna stay on top of this yo can we please move on I don't want to spectate this guy anymore nothing's happening this guy's not aggro yeah I do not have faith in this guy I'm sorry Oh someone landing on him rip his match please kill him please I don't want to spectators got any more please oh that was a sick kill I'm gonna give this guy props up and hit play boom buta blu-tac oh ok it's finally dead twitch whitey luck offence he has twitch and whitey in his name this guy's a real self promoter Wow he might be crack he has a soccer skin on he's probably a try-hard man on top of him looks like a bot looks like a bot it looks like a but you got him you got him you got him hit him once a good spray dude wasn't spot on but was definitely a good spray you know what I'm gonna say now I have faith in this guy ok this guy from what I've seen so far it's pretty good Oh snipe aw laser oh the man hopped out ah what a bot up getting shot at hmm wasn't a laser though oh he went for this night wait for it ah oh he took a launch pad laser maybe up on the tree no okay that guy's running away dang he's gonna chase after him I hope 10 people left Danny this guy has been lasting for quite a long time okay got a baller he's just gonna tackle him with the baller oh ho oh dude that stir push him off oh where you take high ground no oh this guy's a pretty good builder oh he's getting third party watch out hey where is this guy oh he took his baller oh what a freak what a freak he has another one chase him down dang Oh Oh to the dome he is so low good kill oh my here's a here's a campfire popping out popping out get that gold scar come on yes good guy on top of him spraying him down trying to take his walls yeah I'm kind of scared of this guy he looks like a pro the way he's taking walls right now it don't say too risky oh that man has a calm buddy Disko themself ahh should've won for the headshot but it's okay Oh luck offend going in sprang him down Oh he wants this guy this man just keeps running away oh my god screams for him yes finally dude what's gonna happen is he gonna die or is he gonna clutch it up four people left imagine he just got that chest right there he's like hold on let me let me just get this chest right here real quick just gonna happen place a trap no he can't holy laser easy kill right there easy kill he is maxed out on Matt's what is this this man is gonna win this game for sure luck offender oh you got this barrel he is overwhelmed on Luverne oh okay we're the last people bro two more left I believe in this guy Oh snipe the baller he has a heavy sniper now – okay he's going in you saw that guy in a baller where is he yeah break it break it easy oh this guy's crazy crazy with the heavy sniper dude oh my is he gonna go full aggro on that guy no he's gonna play it safe this guy has it in the bag bro this is an easy dub this has to be in the end of the last game my guy choked oh the guy has high ground oh no oh no he coned them good stuff going on top nice playing a safe Oh oh my he's trying to get the floor okay go from the side have you snipe it Oh insane let's go luck offend with the win yep emote it off you deserve that win bro GG's all around bro what a win

Spectating RANDOM Players in Fortnite

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