– [Voiceover] This is an
AMI This Week Short Cut. – [Voiceover] I’m Wade
Brown for Accessible Media. Alana Gersky has
been figure skating with Special Olympics
for more than 13 years. – The thing I like
about skating is that I like to learn new skills and I have a coach that
is absolutely amazing. – [Voiceover] That
coach is Tai Munro, who is the head coach
for the Special Olympics figure skating program. – So today is our
gala performance. So it’s kind of the chance for all of our
athletes to show off what they’ve been
working so hard on for not just the last year, but their entire time
with the program. So they each do their solo, we have some guest skaters, and then we do a group
number at the end that they’ve been
working on for the year. – [Voiceover] Part of
the goal of the event was to attract new potential
skaters to the sport. Tai explained why
that’s crucial. – Well, it’s important
for our skaters that we already have because having each other, they
really do motivate each other. There’s of course competition. And so, you see somebody
else working on a skill, you wanna learn that skill. So there’s that side of it. But it’s also, every single person I
know who figure skates, you don’t see them smile bigger than when they’re on the ice. And that goes for my coaches and it goes for the athletes. They all love it. To be honest, we
just wanna share that with more people. – [Voiceover] Alana agrees, and summed up the
spirit of the event. – Even if you have
a disability or not, they should all try
to learn skating. Whether you’re younger or older, it doesn’t really matter. (cheering) Special Olympics
is important to me because it’s a place where
I have a voice to be heard. And everyone deserves to
have their voice heard too. – [Voiceover] For
more information, visit
specialolympicsedmonton.ca For Accessible Media in
Edmonton, I’m Wade Brown.

Special Olympics Figure Skating
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