(exaggerated crying) – [Narrator] Whizzaroo! – Hey, Sparkle. – Hey. – What’s wrong, Sparkle? Why do you look so sad? – Mommy shark is sad. – Oh, no! Why is mommy shark sad? – Because daddy shark, and baby shark are not here. – Oh, no! Where are they? – She doesn’t know. – Ah-ha! I have an idea. (fast music) (twinkling sounds) – [Computerized Voice] Wow. – Daddy, daddy, what are we doing here? – Maybe if we color these pages of daddy shark and baby shark, then they will actually appear. – Then momma shark will be happy. – Yeah! Let’s do it. (fast paced music) So we have to hurry up and color, that way we can make daddy shark, and baby shark appear, okay? So, which shark is your favorite shark? – Babies. – You like the baby shark? – Mm-hmm. – Oh, wow. So what color is baby shark? – Yellow! So, what color is daddy shark? – Daddy shark is blue. – Yellow and blue are my favorite colors. – Cool. So, this daddy shark has on glasses. How cool is that? – Cool. – We want them to appear so that momma shark can be happy again. She just looks so sad. – Mm-hmm. – Are you almost done? (fast paced music) Cool. So how’s momma shark doing over there? – She really misses daddy
shark and baby shark. (exaggerated crying) – I hope you feel better, momma shark. I hope this makes you happy really soon. We’re trying to make daddy shark, and baby shark reappear. – [female voice] Yeah. – You almost done? – Mm-hmm. – All right, I think it’s almost time for them to reappear. – Done. – All right, let me finish this up. All right. Let’s show everybody
what our pages look like. (video game music) All right, so she has baby shark, and I have daddy shark. Now let’s see if we can make them appear so that momma shark can be happy. All right, everybody hold still. Here we go. (twinkling sound) Yay! It’s baby shark. It’s daddy shark. Get momma shark so that she can be happy. Look momma shark, oh wow, here’s daddy shark. Now you can be happy. – Now you can all be happy. (playful electronic music) For more awesome videos, hit subscribe. Bye, friends!

Sparkle where is Baby Shark
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