Spain turns Madrid ice rink into temporary coronavirus morgue Spain has been particularly hard hit by the novel coronavirus, having the third highest number of deaths and fourth highest number of confirmed cases worldwide It lags only behind China, the US, and Italy with 39,673 confirmed cases and 2,696 deaths Madrid has been reported as one of Spain’s coronavirus epicenters Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the President of the Community of Madrid, said that Madrid expects 80% of its residents to contract COVID-19, albeit with mild symptoms Madrid’s vulnerable represent around 15% of the population Spain has been on lockdown and in a state of emergency since March 13 The public has been advised to stay at home and avoid non-essential travel, and authorities have been setting up emergency hospitals all over Spain The government has also ordered senior citizens homes to report any deceased residents to the authorities, in case they are unable to take them out of the homes themselves Spain’s defense minister was quoted as saying that dead bodies that weren’t being taken out were found in a senior citizen home Because of the number of dead and the lack of protective material for employees, a major funeral service provider in Spain has refused to collect infected bodies The Madrid municipal funeral service has two funeral parlors, 14 cemeteries, and two crematoriums to its name They announced that they will only accept coronavirus victims if the bodies are “sent by other funeral services businesses in a closed coffin” They will then cremate or bury the victims as they normally would Now, Spain has announced that they will be using a Madrid ice rink as a temporary morgue to house the bodies of the country’s coronavirus victims Spain’s emergency military unit has been transporting people who died of COVID-19 to the ice rink named Palacio de Hielo, which translates to “Ice Palace” The Palacio de Hielo is located in Madrid’s Hortaleza neighborhood The controversial move was explained by the office of Madrid’s regional president, who said that it was a “temporary and extraordinary measure” Though it seems strange, they believe that keeping the bodies in the Palacio de Hielo can “lessen the pain of the families of the victims and the situation that’s being recorded in Madrid’s hospitals”

Spain Turns Madrid Ice Rink Into Temporary Coronavirus Morgue
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