Welcome! Today we are at the comtrans fair in Moscow. It is the most important and largest commercial vehicle fair in Russia. All well-known manufacturers exhibit here and of course KRONE should not be missing. Here we enter into dialogue with experts from the transport and logistics industry and maintain relationships with existing and new customers. At the KRONE stand we will be exhibiting two main products from our portfolio. One is the KRONE Profi Liner. We have been delivering this to Russia for 15 years. It impresses with its flexibility, robustness and longevity. Our second main product for the Russian market is the KRONE Cool Liner with steel top layer and continuous foaming. The chassis is also continuous from front to rear. This promises torsion resistance and robustness. Speaking of robustness. Both vehicles also feature the KRONE axle reinforced which we will also be exhibiting at the trade fair. Reinforced means that the proven KRONE axle with disc brake has been reinforced again at the decisive points. A reinforced axle tube, a reinforced spring link and also a specific shock absorber ensure robustness even under difficult road conditions. Sophisticated solutions made in Germany for challenging transport tasks also here in Russia.

Sophisticated transport solutions – Made in Germany. KRONE at the comtrans in Moscow. | KRONE TV
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One thought on “Sophisticated transport solutions – Made in Germany. KRONE at the comtrans in Moscow. | KRONE TV

  • September 7, 2019 at 6:12 am

    When will you bring this exibision to Romania?


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