what up, it’s Brandon here and welcome back
to another review and today, we’re gonna be reviewing the Sola frames. so the
cool unique part about these frames is the fact that they are made out of metal
or aluminium. They are actually CNC’ed out of a solid block of aluminium making them a
very responsive frame compared to plastic they ship by default with a
plastic H block that is removable and changeable and there is a metal option
as well now. Before we go any further with this review I just want to let you
know my background I’ve been skating flat for just over a year now I the last
frames I was skating was just the stock Rosie’s ones that come on all the pro
skates so this is the first actual frame designed to skate flat I’ve skated so
yeah keep that in mind so the first thing I want to talk about is just the
packaging that the frames coming mainly because I think there’s a massive point
here that no one’s really talked about and it’s the fact that all the packaging
is very eco-friendly you know just being a cardboard box
which isn’t that unique you know most friends would come in a box of some sort
but even the bolts themselves came in a little paper bag instead of a little
plastic bag which is much better for the environment I did actually rip those in
transit but like I don’t mind I really appreciate Kyle going the extra mile
just kind of think about you know being better for the environment I mean the
whole frame is meat or not plastic so that’s just better for the environment
anyway which is really cool other than the packaging now if we talk about the
actual frames themselves the design and look of them is so well done it’s got a
minimalist look to it Carl hasn’t done anything flashy or each drew just really
kept it simple and it works so well when I first saw pictures of the frames I
expected it to be quite a reflective shiny silver like the buck was on my
jettisons but they’re not they’re actually like a soft powdery kind of
silver that’s a notice reflective but it still looks absolutely amazing on this
Jackson skate and my opinion it’s perfection I’m so happy he’ll skate
looks but back to the frame the frame really screams high quality and like a
top piece of skating equipment even when it wants its warning it looks so cool
like nothing compares and looks so good so enough about how they look let’s talk
about how they skate so when I first put them on the first thing I noticed was
that there’s so much Lao they’re my plastic frames the noise from
just my bearings spinning seems to get projected through the frame and out my
feet making it a lot louder than a plastic frame you can also feel every
bump in the ground a lot more than that you can in a plastic frame that’s the
first things I notice is it’s a very different feeling and it’s a good
feeling think other people who see it before it’s really hard to explain but
the difference between plastic and metal not having that little bit of give that
the plastic frame gives you makes this big difference into how your skating
just feels it’s just a lot more responsive you feel like you can really
control your feet and you can really like dart and turn and there’s so much
fun it’s making me enjoy just rolling around even more than I’ve already
thought I could I’m always excited to just really feel how the frames feel
just to roll around it’s it’s really it’s different it’s hard to explain
I do think riding these frames with the hard dead wheels that I’m running at the
moment was a mistake I think these frames definitely will be
best with a softer wheel mainly because when I change from my free skates to
these skates I really feel a difference in rolling around comfort
evany the chance to try them on softer wheels but I’m sure that’ll make them me
even better than the OREA now answer the question on everyone’s mind how do they
slide so my first chance to skate these frames I took them to my local park onto
some angle iron ledge and when I first put my foot on the coping they felt so
slow it really felt like it was gonna be the greatest thing ever I didn’t want to
wax any of the spots I was trying this out on just to really test the whole
fact that you don’t need a wax things there’s kind of been told to us by Joe
and stuff because their first impression of steeping a soleplate onto the ledge
was so grippy it’s making me really hesitant to say these frames are fast
and plastic but once I did go ahead and actually try to a sole grind the feeling
of grinding is so different it’s really hard to explain but it’s almost it
definitely feels faster that’s the thing you don’t slow down during the grind you
really keep your momentum and it makes it so much easier to hold an entire
ledge and damn the feeling is just amazing you really feel the grind not
only that but the sound as well the sound is on another level it really brings back some more joy to
granny makes you just want to go out and slide everything you possibly can and
goddamn it’s the best thing in the world I’m so glad I got them just because of
this now this case definitely don’t feel like if you’re on a plastic frame you’re
skiing a really whack sledge there’s definitely like still friction there you
know it’s not like super out of control but it does keep us with meeting a lot
better I did try slide them on every surface – I’ve tried concrete leaders I
tried rails I tried coping I even tried to see slides and they have done better
than I’ve expected every single time especially on the concrete ledges I know
a lot of people were really hesitant saying that these frames really aren’t
going to sign in concrete I took them to this concrete spot that’s one of the
best spots in the country and they slide so well there there’s absolutely no
problems at all it feels really good on concrete – if not the best study every
surface it’s really really nice sounding really nice feeling when I tried see
slow means it works amazing – well it’s almost harder because there’s no frame
to slide on you kind of you have to use your wheels a lot more to slow down the
slide so you don’t slip that but it’s definitely doable and it’s just
something you have to get used to I think the main reason for this sliding
fine and all these obstacles is because most of the time your weight is more on
your sole plate than your frame the only time these frames don’t status good is
on top sides they definitely are the slowest and they’re definitely slower
than plastic but it’s definitely not impossible you can still do it
you’re probably just actually need a wax for top sides I think Leno touched on a
point as well the fact that the frame isn’t thick means you’ve really hit the
land directly in the top side as well so if you have scared of top sides these
probably aren’t a good frame for you and they’re really not going to add to your
confidence in top sides but it’s still doable and yeah it’s just a little bit
more difficult but it’s not impossible nothing is impossible in these frames no
way from the middle part we talk about the H block the H block is the fastest
piece of plastic I have ever slid on the first time I’ve done a frontside on
these it was amazing it really feels like you know in your skating absolutely
caked in wax ledge on a hot summer day there’s just literally no friction you
just flying it’s the best feeling ever it’s so fun to do front sights and Rory
eyes in these frames and also just the groove design itself it works really
well having the shallow groove really combats
wilber I’ve had zero wheel by issues yet the h-block
just works super well to the point where even if you miss the scent of the H hook
you can grind on a little plastic bits on the edges you only can get wheel by
bend there’s the one issue I have with the H book it is kind of hard to stay in
that middle group as a so shallow you can end up going on the edges but I
think you can combat that by actually like wearing your own groove into these
frames and it should be fine so I guess we’ll see in the future but your overall
I’m so impressed with every aspect of how these frames grind and slide they
just really outperform everything I thought just to quickly touch on to the
point their soul is selling about you giving you a little bit of extra
soleplate I want to say I do feel that tiny bit eats your soul play I feel like
I can really get the grains even more under my foot I still think that’s
probably just a mental thing I wouldn’t say has a huge selling point
but I do think it’s cool nonetheless the frame just overall feel really high
quality and really responsive and really sturdy and good a really great product
and I’m so freakin impressed by them just to touch on the hardware of the
frame as well I can tell it’s all been really thought out first off like all
middle free skate frames that you only need one allen key cuz the screws
directly into the frame which is a huge advantage and I wish all frames could be
like this but not only that the whole we put the allen key in is extra deep
meaning it’s almost impossible to round your allen key you can really put it
right in there’s so much contact with it then you’re never going to round it and
even on top of that you know one of the most annoying parts about changing your
wheels is trying to get the bolt through your bearing spacer what I thought about
that in these they’ve actually added a little rounded bit before the three bit
really helps with aligning their bearing spacer up and can push it into place
most folks would just be like flat and it makes it kind of just a lot
continuous really tedious to line up it’s really smart
and really adds that overall top-tier high quality feeling to the skate now
there is one thing though that does concern me about the frame this is
probably just my frame in particular I noticed just recently within like the
last week when I really put my weight down on my right foot and Royale the
frame makes it solid clicking sound and you can really feel it since this middle
straight on the plastic you know at first I was worried that it’s my in
12-nothing how to handle the stiffness of the middle frame but I’ve narrowed it
down to actually being the H Block on the solo frame it’s slightly moving
within the frame just really weird I can recreate it just by pushing on the frame
makes like where you can solid click see that it doesn’t feel good at all
I’ve tried tightening it and it’s still there but I mean now that I know it’s
not something crucial it’s just that moving around I think it should be fine
and I’ve also got the other H box coming I’m sure me to weld will be better
because there’ll be no room for wiggle in there so fingers crossed but yeah
just to summarize what I’ve said so far let’s break it down into pros and cons
so the pros of skiing solar’s is first off the overall responsiveness is
unmatched compared to plastic it makes rolling around so much fun
you’re no longer need to wax up your brhaspati skate or the it could help
still if by far the best Hardware out of all the frames on the market and
compared to plastic the frames by fast and the best for grinding middle and
middle size should be you get that tiny little bit extra salt the frames are
super long-lasting I’m sure they’ll last you of your whole
lifetime oh you’re probably only need to change the H Block which you can do
plenty they look so dope they match them drop so L and they look so good on
almost every scared of seen anyone you know just quickly talk about the cons
first off they’re super expensive you could definitely get a retail world
frame for a similar price unleash these frames are pretty slow on top sides but
you can still do them but they’re definitely slower than plastic also top
sides are just harder to do due to the thinner wall you have to really land and
your top sides are really loud for just rolling around
but it could be just me and my beings you’ll need to write us off the wheel
and most plastic frames it won’t matter if you make it this week click with the
H book like I’ve got but it could just be me probably interesting so just in my
opinion I think the pros far outweigh the cons on this frame I absolutely love
this product and I definitely have no urges to go back and try plastic at this
stage I definitely think this frame was made for the typical park skater but
it’s not impossible to skate street net you’ll be totally fine skating Street
and these frames wouldn’t just avoid it because you’re a street skater and to
finish off this review I have to say that I hundred percent recommend these
frames they’re not gonna limit your skating anyway the only gonna make you
enjoy skating more I think how long they’re gonna last will make up for how
expensive they are but I guess I won’t know for sure until I’ve skated them for
a decent amount of time and that’s it for my solo frame review I do actually
have the new improved middle H block and the male coming now so if you want to
see me skating that be sure to subscribe I also be doing a follow up of you on
the frame looking about how they’ve worn in over time and whether there’s
anything else I found out about them if you want to see my raw first impressions
of these frames check the beer I’ll be in their corner right there also stay
tuned because for least six months anniversary you might be doing something
cool so be sure to follow lace on Instagram so you don’t miss it
anyway thanks so much for everything Gus huge shout out to my patrons Adam Kevin
deep Dennis Fabian flowy mark met Matt Mike and tej and there is my patrons
because without them I would not have been able to keep these frames and yeah
I’ll see everyone later hopefully my knees won’t hurt so I can go skate

Sola Frame Review
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23 thoughts on “Sola Frame Review

  • August 7, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    Sweet frames man they look fast on the h block

  • August 7, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    Nice round up/review 😊👍🏼

  • August 7, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    I don't find aluminium Frames are the Futur of Agressiv Blading ! It's maybe Just Cool for Park Riding ! For street we have Kizzer and groundcontrol , and Kaltik ! Why going back with aluminium Frames, wenn the Blades coming Light like Aeon, USD Team, Carbon-Free etc etc ??! Good Ride for All and having Fun!

  • August 7, 2019 at 3:45 pm

    famus wheels make this frames PARADISE!!!!

  • August 7, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    The harder the wheels the more rattling sound it makes. Some time ago I ordered the Symetrics 4×90 Complete frame. They rattled so much straight out of the box. Biggest problem was the lower quality of the bearings they came with. After switching to Bones Reds the rattling was much better. But I still feel the 90A hardness isn't really my thing, it's the second cause of the sound. I should've bought some comfier 86A wheels, still super fast, but noice-free.

  • August 7, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    Quality of the videos feel like they've really gone up recently, good job man!

  • August 7, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Great video as always.
    On the clicking noise… I ride the 88A Dead wheels on FLT3 and I hear this noise. I noticed that in some of the wheels, the bearings don't sit flush. I hear the clicking when bending too, which is likely the wheel slightly adjusting because of the extra space.

  • August 7, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    For a TLDR skip to here: 9:29

    *EDIT* After taking my H-Block out and putting it back in, the click has completely stopped. I have a feeling it was the wheels/bearings, not frames
    Follow me on Instagram while you're at it😉 https://www.instagram.com/brand0n_drumond/

  • August 7, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    Can't wait to pick these up!!

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    Oh sorry, i don't Say it's True or Not, is Just what i think about Alu Frames ! I want to Say on my other message: it's not for Me ! So is Right! But i think your Chanel really Good! Don't change Something ! Have a nice Ride ! Peace 😉

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  • August 8, 2019 at 8:18 am

    I almost darent watch this because it might end up costing me a lot 🤣

  • August 8, 2019 at 9:50 am

    Great review, and totally agree with your points. I love mine. The responsiveness is amazing. also in regards to the noise, I think those wheels area little too hard?

    And by the way your skatings looking great. I think the M12 and Sola combo suits you!

  • August 8, 2019 at 9:54 am

    Also with these frames – we are actually 'grinding'! with plastic frames it's technically sliding.

  • August 8, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    I really love the combination of your skates and the frame! (Y)

  • August 8, 2019 at 12:13 pm

    Great unbiased look and I love it that you talked about the bolts and the packaging. I play hockey and also have my son's skates to look after so I'm changing wheels and other parts all the time. Rounded bolts, lining up the wheels on some skates can be a challenge. I'm glad you took the time to mention that.

    Do you think they are worth the money for a beginner aggressive skater? Also soft wheels on a metal frame are amazing for slides. I sometimes go to hockey stop in my aggressive skates and go flying but I bet with a soft bullet profile you'd be able to do loads more freestyle type skating along with the aggressive stuff. Do you get that impression?

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    how is cutting trees good for the environment ? :)) nice review !

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    when are the new grooves available??


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