Sonia, the past season was very successful for you. You won the Euroupean Championships, took part in major events. How did that motivate you to work and pushed you? Honestly, it was hard to get into the sesaon, probably because of the title. Then, when I started to get into shape more or less the responsibility that I should perform even better in this season with more eagerness, more focus on good skates helped in the end. How do you rate your shape now because the test skates are coming up soon. How ready are you? Obviously, each skater prepares for the Grand Prix they have. I think on a scale of 10 I’m at 7 for now because I got into shape just recently. As I said it was hard to get into the season. I think everything will be fine for the test skates and is going according to plan. You have two new programs. What can you tell us about them? The short program is Gypsy Kings “Bamboleo”, the free is “Tango de Roxanne” The short was done by Tatiana Nikolaevna Prokofieva, the free by Ilia Averbukh. Did you work with him for the first time? No, the second time. He did “Burlesque”. These programs, what do you think, are they different from your previous ones? What is new? First of all I think that with the past season I improved a lot in my skating and in expression. The programs suit me, because the the short program is my style, Latin, I skated that (Latin) before, probably three or four seasons ago. The free was also a Tango when I still skated in juniors Probably this is my style and they suit me well. Like Lisa (Tuktamysheva) said, why not skate in a style that suits me. Some athletes are saying that it is very important to them to know the story of the program. When there is a story or theme it is easier for them to skate to it, because they understand it. Usually this goes for pairs, the interaction of the partners. What about you? Is it important to you to know the story of the program? Or it is ennough when the music goes well with the elements? Obviously you need to know the theme what the program is about. The free is a well known music therefore you need to know the story. The short program is just to have fun with what I’m doing. When I hear the music, I know the character pretty much. I get into it quickly. Which new elements do you want to do? The competition is strong, not only here new athletes are coming up. You need to offer something. Honestly I don’t know yet, because I just recently started to jump well and recovered. I don’t know yet. There probably will be some changes. What new things did you try? I tried the triple Axel. So far … it’s so so I’ve tried it a long time ago, but we put more emphasis on the programs and on consistency. Which goals do you set for yourself this season? It is one thing to go out just as Sonia Samodurova like last season and there is no pressure Of course you want to skate well bascially there is not so much pressure you got your title and you might feel different. Yes, first of all I want to skate even more confidently and consistently as in the past. Better. Like Andrei and Lisa said they said it right, not to skate worse than you skated before. This is probably the goal for all of our team. Sonia, we wish you success and congratulations to your recent birthday. Thank you! Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true

Sofia Samodurova Interview August 2019

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