so the final dance this taking the Lesley Soderbergh rate and David lip away representing the Warren annunciators in Providence New York and the South Mountain Figure Skating Club in West Orange New Jersey let’s welcome now Leslie Soderbergh and David lip obey this is a team that won the eastern sectionals to gain the right to skate here in Philadelphia it’s not often you hear Stevie Ray Vaughan at a US Championship event exactly what this getting to you the house is rocking he bought Jerry Lee Lewis Jessica and Charles whose movements fast very sure these movements are they’re short there are no moment and it really capture or like it’s it’s been a traveling since what are you feeling is that the music sometimes for the joy – big mistake pull off this music it’s Lumbee strong vocal got to make sure you got it with their choreography with your pasta with your luck you’ve got to make it work Lesley Soderbergh and David limits their effort here in the original dance and this is not one of the young dance teams that we’ve been talking about on their way up and Leslie is 31 years old and David 34 years old very short or insane five two and five five and that’s hard you’ve got couples who are almost 6 foot out there and you’ve got to make a larger than life impression they have nice speed not a lot of power but the movements as I said aren’t difficult they weren’t particularly together on that particular move now wait for their marks now the last team of this original dance remember you can see the free dance tomorrow afternoon on ABC’s Wide World of Sports beginning at 4:30 Eastern tons well live coverage of that when champions will be crowned her David so here’s the first session three point seven up to four point seven lot of disagreement among the judges hi it’s hard when you follow the teams like Joseph to get out there and really push the bellows and skate at your speed or chip or get the audience get the judges really they’ve already seen the best movie you want to be the best in their marks for presentation four-point now the second set of mark or point zero for a little bit of higher 4.0 up to four point eight four shot a bird oven and lipids 46 4.1 for point six and so as we look at the standings after the original dance no surprise at the top hunt sullen and swallow well on their way to their fifth u.s. title but how about the second place finished so far of Joseph and Butler they’re fresh out of the junior ranks folks Liang and Chen HEV in third spot Lesley Visser has some very special friends surrounding it right now well Terry this is a group you’d love to have come dance at your party at first to you Liz and Jared Liz you changed your program two weeks ago what did you want it to reflect well we really wanted a tune that was more clappa below that the audience could get into and relate to a little bit easier they did seem to enjoy it and what about how secure you that you could change this two weeks before the event well when we first rated this the decision we felt pretty confident we could do it as the days unfolded we got a little more worried and worried but Liz and I have been together for eight years and we’re confident enough that we could get it presentable for nationals obviously Olympics and Worlds are the big events we’ll be ready for well now you got these two over your shoulders Jessica and Charlie congratulations this is this your first year in senior national this is our first competition as seniors what gave you the confidence tonight Charlie I think that our good showing in Junior Worlds gave us enough confidence that we were ready for this event it was it showed you all tremendous performance by all four of you back to you Terry all right Leslie and the champions taking risks changing the original dance with Joseph and Butler right behind them but punsalan and swallow on their way to their fifth title perhaps to the championship free skate tomorrow afternoon ladies short program is up next we are back

Soderberg & Lipowitz – 1998 United States Figure Skating Championships, Original Dance
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