And now it’s time for our daily coverage of
the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, we have our Lee Tae Ho with us for all the latest news
and results. Good afternoon, Tae Ho. Good afternoon, Conn-young. So Day 10 of the Sochi Winter Games has come
and gone already. What are the results from yesterday’s competitions? Well, first up is the Korean women’s curling
team. Team Korea went up against the number 2-ranked
team in the world, the ladies of Team Canada. The round robin match resulted in yet another
loss for the “idols on ice,” with Team Korea losing 4 to 9.
The loss officially eliminated them from the Olympics and they exit with a record of 3
wins and 6 losses. Of course, the results are disappointing,
but this is their first Olympics, which is more meaningful than the results, right? I would think so, because before the ladies
took the ice at Sochi, curling was a relatively unknown sport for many Koreans, but the women’s
team has been really popular — it’s consistently been in headlines and making news.
And though they are the team with the lowest global rank at the Olympics, I’d say they
did a very fine job. And hopefully we will be able to see the sport
take a giant leap forward in the next four years leading up to the 2018 Winter Games,
right here in Pyeongchang. And the two-person bobsled event also came
to a close yesterday? That’s right.
Korea had two teams participating in the event, with Team A, consisting of Won Yoon-jung and
Seo Young-woo, placing 18th overall. Team Russia scored another gold for the host
nation, while the Swiss took home the silver and the bronze went to the United States.
This was the best finish by a Korean bobsled team ever, and that is including the four-person
event as well. Well, congratulations to all of the Korean
athletes who were in action yesterday on a job well done.
And now, as we creep ever closer to the start of the women’s figure skating competition,
you have a breakdown of the two biggest stories of the competition? That’s right.
The heavy favorite for a repeat performance at these Winter Olympics has long been Korea’s
figure skating queen Kim Yu-na, followed by her longtime rival Mao Asada.
But 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya of Russia had a sensational Olympic debut in the figure
skating team competition, and since then all eyes have been on the rivalry that’s been
set up between Korea’s figure skating queen and Russia’s sweetheart. And it seems that the comparisons between
the two athletes are endless. That’s right.
Most comparisons between the two skaters have centered on the topic of Kim’s jumps versus
Lipnitskaya’s spins. Yes, it certainly does seem that those are
the two biggest strengths for each skater. That’s right.
Now, let’s take a look at a breakdown of Kim’s textbook jumps.
There are four things to look for here. First, the speed at which Kim goes into her
jumps is amazing. Most skaters slow down before they go into
a jump, but Kim maintains her speed going in, which is a big help for the next point
— the height of her jumps. Now, all skaters get up into the air, but
none like Kim, and certainly not Lipnitskaya, who doesn’t always get the height she needs
when she jumps. But Lipnitskaya’s jumps seem so well executed
and tight. That’s true, and the reason for that is
the speed of the rotation, which is also something
that is great about Kim’s jumps as well. And Kim’s arm span of 68 centimeters, which
is 5 centimeters longer than average for her height, certainly helps as well, because she
uses those long arms to literally wind up and pull herself into the jump, for a tight,
fast rotation. They both maintain great form while in their
jumps, which is another reason for their quick rotations. So, both skaters seem to have good rotation,
but the difference so far is the speed into the jump and the height of the jump, right? That’s right.
And the last difference is the distance of the jumps.
Now, we just talked about the speed leading into the jumps.
Well, the speed going into a jump will also determine the distance a skater travels while
in the air — and the greater the speed going in, the farther you’ll travel across the ice. Alright. So Lipnitskaya is known for her beautiful
spins and flexibility? That’s right.
These are areas where I think she excels over Kim, and for a reason.
Kim sustained a back injury a while ago, and since then she has stayed away from complex
spins that require excessive back bending. But that is something that Lipnitskaya can
certainly do, and she does it with incredible flexibility.
And something else that is notable about Lipnitskaya’s technique is the speed at which she rotates
during her spins. She has perfect form going in and is able
to center her spins right on the mark, both of which give her speed and a graceful line. Well, that was an excellent breakdown, and
speaking of figure skating — some watch for the athletics, some for the excellent choreography,
but some watch for — the costumes, is that right? Yes, indeed, and we’ve already seen some great
ones during these games. But I think the top three standouts so far
have definitely been: Russia’s ice dance pair, who skated to Tchaikovsky’s
“Swan Lake” and were in amazing Black Swan costumes that matched perfectly with both
the ballet and the choreography. Another would be Yulia Lipnitskaya’s red dress,
which symbolized the red coat of the little girl from the movie “Schindler’s List,” which
she skated to in the figure skating team free skate.
And finally the Italian ice-dance pair who seemed to be performing as Romeo and Juliet
with their costumes. So, we’re seeing more costumes that make reference
to culture and that are more theatrical, rather than the typical nationalistic costumes incorporating
the colors of the flag. Very perceptive and correct indeed. Well, we’ll have to come back to you once
the ladies’ short program gets underway… for an update to this list.
Thank you again for the update, Tae Ho, and we’ll see you again tomorrow. You’re very welcome.

Sochi 2014: Day 10 results & women’s figure skating preview
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