we're going for a little snowshoe walk this morning we're joined with sale the outdoor super serbian desimad joining us this morning what is it about snowshoeing it's kind of a sport that's growing popularity would you say yes for sure it's got a lot more common especially in Ottawa where there's so much access to good trails and areas to go snowshoeing now before you head out of course it's important to dress for the occasion what do you recommend before you head to the trail yes sure so it's pretty cold and windy today you definitely want to have the right layers on so first of all starting off with a good base layer merino wool that will help wick away moisture so you're not going to get that damned show and after that you want some good insulating layers so either something like this Adam and ice synthetic insulation or warm fleece warm sweater and then something like the show that you have there to block out any wind or rain or snow that might be hitting you especially on a day like today when it is a little windy it's nice yeah a really warm yeah sure sheet as well do you recommend hiking boots like the ones we have on yeah so the ones that you have on there nice pair of merrells there a winter hiking boots so they're going to be insulated good for minus 40 degree weather they're also going to be gore-tex waterproof and a nice and supportive for your ankle to all of the elements and I can't get over how warm the air yes for the different snowshoes that you can have what are the ones that were wearing today yeah so there's a lot of different variety when it comes to snowshoes what you have on there is a really nice basic pair by tubs so great if you're just starting out don't want anything too intense or technical great for just going on on groomed trails and kind of lighter snow otherwise if you want to get something a bit more technical we have the MSR revos here so something like this guy you're going to get your heel race I was going if you're going uphill that was out your foot you're also going to have some nice traction on the bottle yeah really good crampons that are going to give you all the traction you need if you're going up and down hills and things like that we have a few other examples as well what are these big babb would see those look like heavy-duty yes so snowshoes do come in different sizes and each size has its own weight range so something like that would be for a much bigger person perhaps or somebody carrying a big backpack or pulling a sled or something like that and going out in really deep snow so fat country yeah where you're going to want that that flotation that the surface area of that snow she's going to give you perfect what are these like these guys here there's a nice microwave yeah they're a pair of running snowshoes by atlas so these guys are going to be nice and small and aren't gonna be too clunky so for people who want to go out running and keep up their their training regimen in the winter these guys are a great pair of running snowshoes perfect yes I have some little out of flaps that you can add onto the back of your snowshoes yeah so these are some nice accessories here you have a snowshoe bag so to keep your snowshoes nice and protected and prevent them from getting all scratched up and then you also have the tails to add on to the MSR snowshoes if you want extra flotation perfect and let's talk about the poles that I have are these to aid me in my trek yes so for somebody who wants a bit more stability or if you're going on a bit rougher terrain something a bit more technical trekking poles are great to have to give you that stability and balance and it's also a good workout for your arms do right and what's the height weight you want these for the highest height weight you want to be about a 90 degree angle at your elbow so nice and square it off if you're going out in deep snow then of course you can extend them a bit wrong because they will be sinking in but you have the powder baskets on the bottom there so again you'll get a bit more flotation and again this is just a small sample of all the stuff that you guys have it yes for sure all right shall we continue on our track this yes you got to enjoy the great outdoors the great outdoors brought to you by sale the outdoor superstore

Snowshoeing with SAIL Outdoors

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