hey Ontario Lindsay here coming at you from Snow Valley Resort in Barrie now today I'm actually going to show you a different side of Snow Valley that not all of you know about today we're going so showing through our 14 kilometers of snowshoeing trails we can rent them here it's no Valley doesn't seen some animal tracks so you have a quick little animal call just let them all know that we were here and we don't mean any harm it's really sort of a choose-your-own-adventure type of a day we have easy trails more moderate trails and a couple harder trails it's an activity that can really be enjoyed by anyone so as long as you're confident on your feet you can snowshoe and depending on how hard you go you can do it anywhere from four hundred to a thousand calories in an hour all of our trails here are color-coded so you know where you are at all times you start on the red which is our easy trail and I've actually gone off on to our orange trail which is one of the more moderate trails so when you're out you're looking for things like this this is one of our signs on the tree it's just a marker showing us where our Trail is going so the orange show right now we're viewing off a little bit to the left so I know where to go we even have these little teeny tiny snowshoes for a little teeny tiny people so bring your kids along and if you find that they just can't hack in snow she is quite yet bring a little sled Durai get behind you bring your dog along they're gonna love it out here just to make sure you clean up after them yeah here's another marker so now we're hearing a little bit to the right go so whether you're trying to become one with nature or trying to walk the dog trying to have a great day with the kids or really very good exercise we've got it here for you may or may your lay only you know for guys thanks for joining me here in Snow Valley snowshoe trails and I'll see you here the trees are talking

Snowshoeing with Linzi @ Snow Valley Resort!
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