hey guys were just at the visitors center for the National Park of Marvel Lang just in segun a and we're going to embark on this crazy snow shoeing adventure in a moment and it's pretty balmy i would say i think with the wind chill it's about negative 35 degrees Celsius but I going to take the snowcat up the mountain and from there we're going to snowshoe all the way up to the peak into the valley of phantoms and that's going to be incredible I don't think you'll ever see anything like this anywhere else is there it's a microclimate a visible bold shape at the top it you'll see the snow pretty much cover everything up there and we'll go walking on my giant animals trees covered in snow so it's going to be incredible can't wait to do it go and get dressed that we're gonna head out so here right here right now at the visitors center we're going to be taking the snowcat banner year up the pass right here to the base and then we're going to be snowshoeing all the way up to peak number one everybody gives you advice on how to lie don't you know that is full of surprises you better all right so we're at the trailhead ready to get this snowshoeing hike on great to be in the forest and multi line absolutely amazing out here just feels like you're by yourself welcome all the other two shears that there really have been disappointing no the trees Tumnus in the air yeah on how to leave it man how illegal I don't you know that is full of surprises you better realize better realize just hike two kilometers to the midpoint up and we're gonna go grab some lunch but really stoked because got to take off some layers it's really hot and looking to get some chow you ah Wow so that was quite a day at mobile and national park in Quebec I'm not sure what this looks like because my GoPro is completely fogged on the inside is a little bit of a hole I think for you to see me through it may look like a dream sequence which in which case that's totally fine with me just making the hike back to take the shuttle but it was a great afternoon well actually the whole day and yeah I know there's a lot of fun got to go to the top and got to go to the top saw some amazing views from the cliff side the rock formations the waviness of kind of the trees and the landscape down below and be able to see all the way out to the fjord was quite spectacular getting sucked into snow I guess is another what are those things you can do out here and I got to go with our guide Robert out in into a bit of the backcountry unfortunately my battery's completely died at that point I have to push back in the chalet but sounds great ton of fun I mean so those that really like backcountry spending that awesome time outdoors and just get it up in nature in and see the snow i will say that we didn't get to see the Phantom's the Phantom's had people talk about oh my gosh my my snowshoe just fell off okay I'll be right back so as I was saying before i was rudely interrupted by my snowshoes falling up yeah we didn't quite see the Phantom's that Montana is going for what do you mean by phantoms are ghosts is basically when all the pine trees here get covered in snow there's so much snow fall that I you can't even see the tree turn to my dad looks kind of like a ghost I saw a few examples of that they're definitely a lot of trees that are covered with a lot of snow but I think because of the past few days have been a lot of wind and it has been really windy I i have to say even in the city that's er weren't that many there were that many phantoms to see so that was a that was a bit disappointing but you know that's all right regardless I mean just to be able to to be amongst or be on top of the trees he's all all pine trees and and just to see see all the snow covering up the Sun dancing the wind carrying snowflakes away it's truly magical its really magical so small that I has definitely been one of my highlights for this trip although just too many highlights because everything we've done out here I mean things that I've loved so yeah there are national parks in Quebec and there are many of them mold the landing one of them and for the winner really the best time to come if you love winter sports this is a place to be so I think that about wraps it up for me at Smallville and national park chow and we'll see you later on going on some places sure

Snowshoeing Valley of the Ghosts in Monts-Valin National Park

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    Great outdoor winter fun!


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