some snowmobiles a couple of tracks here it is I made it silver like flat set up against this gate and do some water hydrate awesome man right there gotta stay hydrated even in the cold 130 right now started started at 11 took me two hours to get up here set my timer there's the fun part I love this board I hiked up here with just a synthetic like some long johns I took my beanie off and I had this just this waterproof outer shell on I was getting hot so sweaty and when I got up here and stopped to work and stop taiking sweat was making me cold so I threw on my down jacket that I brought with me and my beanie I'll wear for the ride down so now I'm good come ski falls for the flat spots cuz I'm very proud I imagine I'll be using these ski poles quite a bit on the way home you snowboarding downloading this fun wasn't as steep as I wanted and Carver had to just kind of go straight so I didn't lose any speed but I was still a really good time that's 399

Snowshoeing Up and Snowboarding Down
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