hi my name is mitko and i'm international marketing leader from Bulgaria today I'm guiding for Trovatore a travel agency one day is no showing trip in little mountain just next to Sofia our route today is around 5 hours and it starts from a local ski area and ends at golden bridges the name of the hospital never but if we translate this name are in English it means black pig why because this pic is the second windiest place of Bulgaria many times the winds are more than hundred forty hundred fifty kilometres per hour the other side of the ski area we have a very nice conifer forest left and it's a reserve because of the conifer trees if we compare Bulgarian flora with the Western Europe for flora this small country is much richer than the the Western and the northern countries it's not rare if you work in early spring from the other side initial of bare footprints we are a dance of the treat and we're very happy that we've had nice weather I'm with nice people you might see them drinking coffee and beers again to the day and we had a lot of fun no some and sliced apples you go there yeah

Snowshoeing Tour in Bulgaria by Traventuria

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  • July 30, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    I love your video! It is so stunning!


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