it's winter in the Berkshires and there's no better way to enjoy our wild Berkshire outdoors and strapping on a pair of snowshoes and going exploring if you're a first-time snow sure there are a couple of things that you need to know to make the experience more enjoyable first you're going to need to choose your snowshoe and snowshoes come and children's women's and men's sizes and are offered with two main types of bindings rotating bindings are good for steering and deep snow and kicking steps on steep slopes fixed or banned bindings don't pivot as much as rotating bindings and their direct connection gives an easy stride especially for beginners once you've picked out your snowshoe it's time to get geared up and layering is essential since you're going to be moving you're going to want to dress for about 20 degrees above the air temperature a synthetic wicking base layer is perfect to start with followed up by an insulating layer and finished with a shell to help repel the elements on your feet Gators will help keep the snow out of your pants and boots in mid height waterproof hikers with a warm wicking sock are perfect footwear now that you're geared up it's time to go exploring and one of the coolest ways to do it is with a group of friends on a moonlit winter night if you head out at night a headlamp is a must and trekking poles can add extra stability snowshoeing is easy to do and fairly inexpensive with options available to rent so you can try the sport out day or night the berkshires offer hundreds of miles of winter snow shoe adventure for the Berkshire Visitors Bureau I'm Jay baver and the next time I see you I hope it's in our wild and beautiful Berkshire outdoors

Snowshoeing the Berkshires
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