hey this is snow from Vancouver trails we're up on femur mountain today no shooting we're going to go up to da mountains about a two kilometer trail and if the third day we should be able to see the hole here we are we give you the tree off the top now the first land Rock is in the first Lake and what a kilometer in here we are at firstly I know you can't see it but I swear there we're about a kilometer into dog Mountain and it's been a pretty easy going so far so with your first know Cherie expedition of the season this is a good place for you to start we reach the top of Table Mountain and only about an hour to get here and as you see was pretty lucky today because it's pretty clear every city looks like a good time would it stop it have some lunch northern before heading back sir back at the car now it's about one o'clock we're done for the day we're gonna go back into town and grab some lunch and hang out we'll see you next time

Snowshoeing on Dog Mountain
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  • June 1, 2019 at 8:23 am

    pretty views easy on the eyes phyllis


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