can you explain to us what snow shimmies okay we've got a couple of go to specify in that area and there go up down into the wood into some trees and gadgets of ice and snow shoes like that like just like a tennis racket really now this is a discipline the ESF offer would I be right in saying that a lot more of your age span like into the older generation they can do it at their own pace sort of things precisely yeah it's all about sort of just getting off the beaten track where it's nice and quiet wilderness and you know spotting your camera here and there maybe maybe some foxes or so if your family coming out 2 teen and you've got junk you two teenagers mums dead men granddad for instance you can actually offer snowshoeing as a way to get away from all the busy peace exactly is that correct yeah precisely yeah it's so much tougher and we have so much water so snowshoeing with ESF in teen burglary with Louie in the gang here ESF so thanks to explain that

Snowshoeing in Tignes Val Claret with ESF
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