well a matter of snowshoed towards we we just discover you know we go with the flow of nature and we try to get people out of the woods with way more knowledge that they came into the if you can walk you can snowshoe it's probably one of the only activity you can do the whole family together grandpa the kids the great trip to be at least outside as you could see today mister mister little deer came and stiff my hand doesn't happen every day but sometime nature give us some pretty good stuff and as well we got mister with the woodpecker came in knock on the loves door knock knock knock on heaven's door woody this is the second time this year I saw an accident we lost a bit of the tradition but in the old days fire was a survival kit you know we had to start a fire that was the first thing to start get yourself form and all that bought yourself some water so we do little fire with a mushroom without matches of the province of Quebec rich one oh and my mushroom grows on the yellow birch first we needed the mushroom we needed some white birch roll and after that we needed some scraping of cedar I said I was gonna start this without any matches what am I gonna use all right siding it's great for this project we needed some white birch we got some here what did we need it as well look at the amber Wow extraordinary like the french-canadian circus if you think about it though now in the next few years if you don't take care of good ol earth we're gone there's not gonna even need be winter so Quebec is actually one of the best place at the moment in Canada is probably the world to actually come and discover snowshoeing do some skiing a more Trump law party at the tickety-boo you know what I lived everywhere in the world and table lies is a heck of a place

Snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant, Quebec
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