now that's where I typically stay right there and that's the new brewery so I'm actually gonna do one of these coming spring it's that building right there I think they just started the brewing process this month from what I heard a couple weeks ago by the time I'm here for the next golf trip it should be should be ready to roll this nice whenever I go off I stay up that way right there is a good bar we do all right there they have it like big entertainment there sometimes big performers during one or the last weekend things sometimes the expedition station this is where we're going combo yeah you gotta have that VHS combo bad and of course if you watch my Titanic penises I mean look at this amazing view it's amazing you know this is from our room it's like there's some storage for an additional comforter I just okay open this back up again because I fell so there's storage extra comforter your bags in here that's nice yeah and we've got the restaurants yes do you know if this couch pulls out I think it does pretty light blue color that's pretty nice I'm satisfied with it standard tub Wow it does couch does Wow it's awesome so this dream could probably sleep up to like four yeah that's right this is a queen-size bed got a mini-fridge put all your good stuff down in there got a full service kitchen that so cool oh you've got pots and pans that's awesome forks and spatulas do have plates Wow Matt we've got plates we've got what's in this can you reach in this top one what's up there it's a measuring measuring cup and some glassware nice bowls this is really nice oh this doubles this table doubles out you can see right here mm-hmm where it folds out and you can make this bigger can get extra amenities soft sofa bed linens you can get those changed out and there's the shuttle which I'll tell you about later okay and Wi-Fi awesome there's the map of the place the top here and they said there's that zip line we can do this for free but this is what I would want to do we can do this from the top all the way down to the bottom of the lake and back you can also do this one which will take us all the way at the bottom where's that and I was telling you about all the way okay it's just where the brewery like around there okay so the breweries wouldn't be built in over there yeah so where are we yeah we are right okay where do we park like over here it's just a park right here okay so there's a parking right here and we're here were five five okay that's awesome that's where we parked that little mark right there mhm and I walked up to Allegheny Springs okay I see that now nice and so is this the golf course yeah yes Rayden yeah big businessmen I was doing ever likes I wish I mean with this walk was it takes down there really good five-star waffle pretty close yeah yeah West Virginia to mama gotcha road ahead and skeet off and go to the site yeah yeah I'm gonna go to the lake yeah yeah oh my god oh my god Sara lassie smell of pine is it just me or do you think it ride got faster definitely feels faster oh my gosh can't even see where we started I think video wow we made it to the lake so pretty right there on the lake oh my gosh they have a beach shavers Lake inflatable floating challenge course that'd be awesome let's go on an adventure yeah we got a boat you doing a really good job doing most of the work cuz we just came all the way from were there I thought the boats lined up thus he loft lips sorry sorry so pretty I'm out we should have got one of the paddle boats would been so cute being all romantic and stuff that's romantic and this isn't it is the paddle boats are like you know I don't know it's like a it's like a thing to be romantic on a paddle boat sure yeah I made it to the bridge right there as well would build my house that would be the prettiest I've only been out for a couple minutes so there's the snowshoe resort what that is every dare is that part of snowshoe that that building there's the ski lock that we were just on sorry ski let's eat the loft on the way back up heading back up the ski loft yeah I know no I'm just doing it on purpose did you like the boat ride yeah it was fun yeah I'm glad we did it for the perfect amount of time I would imagine yeah we were out there for like 20 minutes something like that really fun yeah back at the resorts the wedding attended was right there yeah so what do you want to do next shop or you go do the Shaka brah yeah so this is the entrance to the bike park you can see all the different trails so we're up here at the resort got so many bike trails easiest trails and then the blue are the intermediate trails the black dotted ones are the advanced and then the black and red ones like right here are for experts only Matt are you an expert I don't know if I want to rock fine where you can get the Junction's are restaurant right yeah here's the spot to drink the Drafthouse there's a pizza shop right here from the cheap pieces those areas all Guinea spring since the main hotel check we which was finish patient yeah but she yes look at these maple syrup snap if this honey is so pretty I guess can you make tea out of this yeah got big seasoning chicken and meat these different honeys peach consumer but out of the raspberry I can't have that breakout coffee crunch dark chocolate candy bar that caramel sauce sauce pan see and this is been a really good weekend the press caucus see they've gotten signatures of snare shoes okay put it in that's nice these cops I these are cool but you get I got in an animal pin it was really wanting one and they have one for five bucks that's what I got I'm gonna add it to my collection did you call this the center of the port yeah here's a Starbucks fuel shops have fun I'm still shaking a little bit all right all you gotta do is roll call to make sure at the end go when you're ready you want to if not you can throw your arms off mouth and everyone yes ma'am that was a lot of fun a lot of fun yeah you're a real nervous at first I think so now that we're home from our stay a snowy mountain resort I'm gonna give this day a three and a half out of five stars stars working for one star for location one star for activities one star for price one star for the sleep and then the one star for the hotel like the room itself so it's definitely getting us to our four location it was absolutely amazing so beautiful another star for activities because they got to go supply name and got to go on the ski lift we got to go kayaking another star for price all those activities were included in with the stay of our price so I thought that was just absolutely amazing a half a star for the room because our view was beautiful but that VHS player I couldn't get it to work I just wanted to watch a little bit of TV before bed and it wasn't working and then I couldn't get the TV remote to work the TV had to line up with a different channel on the cable box I just not that technology incline so I suck but I have a star for the team like the room amenities and then I had a terrible night's sleep I would counter that with the amenities because they had a full kitchenette in there and we never took advantage of it but I mean for people going there the prime season snowing I really think that that's a lot of value was really good and refrigerator I will change okay I will change it to four stars because I'm in the kitchen was nice and then just I just didn't have a good night's sleep I didn't like the pillows I didn't like the bed but that's look good so yep four stars out of five changed it before happy with that yeah yeah I think that's fair had a great trip and it was still an amazing wedding very glad that we got to be part of it yeah I love getting to experience a little mini summer adventure so there's the video enjoy see on the next adventure bye I think this one is a little bit

Snowshoe Mountain WV Room and Resort Tour
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