hi I'm Megan from snowshoe mountain ski and snowboard school and welcome to another edition of tips and tricks today we're going to talk about understanding your ability level and how it relates to different types of terrain at Silver Creek and snowshoe there are four types of terrains beginner easy intermediate and expert we're gonna talk about each one and how you know which one is right for you the first level of terrain is beginner these areas are used for skiers and snowboarders to get used to the gear on the snow and also to begin getting comfortable with stopping once you can make a solid wedge turn to stop or a j-turn on your snowboard to stop you're ready to start initiating turns this is the only area on the mountains that it's okay to go straight down once you advance to a green blue or black slope going straight down not only is gonna get you hurt but it's gonna get other people hurt as well you know you're ready to move from the beginner slip to the green slip when you can make a consistent wedge stop with your skis for a snowboarder when you are confidently balanced and you're making that falling leaf you're ready to go try a little bit harder terrain the second level of terrain is easy it's marked with green circles people on easy terrain know how to stop but they're starting to work on turning and controlling their speed on a green slip you'll typically see snowboarders making a falling leaf either with their heel edge or their toe edge and skiers making large radius turns going from side to side along the hill in order to advance from an easy to rain to an intermediate trained skiers need to go from that wedge turn to an open parallel turn once you can confidently make it down any of our greens with your skis together in a nice open parallel you're ready to move on to a blue slope for snowboarders you need to work on linking your turns once you can confidently go from a heel edge to a toe edge making consistently shaped turns you're ready for the blue slips the third level of terrain is intermediate marks with a blue square intermediate riders and skiers are able to link their turns nice and consistently and being an open to a partially closed parallel turn in order to progress from a blue run to a black more advanced expert run skiers and snowboarders are going to work on several things for skiers we're gonna start working on an upper and lower body separation your upper body is gonna start being more downward towards the slope your seats are gonna move underneath you you're gonna go from the open parallel to a more closed parallel and you're gonna start using your poles for snowboarders you're gonna start linking your turns quicker and faster with smaller turn radiuses you should be able to go from that heel edge to your toe edge a little bit faster the fourth level of terrain is expert marked by a black diamond expert terrain is going to be the steepest and most difficult terrain on the mountain skiers on expert terrain should be in a close parallel making small to medium radius turns snowboarders should also be making small to medium radius turns and the transition from the toe edge to the Hulett should be precise and consistent expert skiers and snowboarders also have a solid sphere of awareness they're aware of other people around them as well as where to stop on the hill and we're not to stop at the beginner or intermediate skier or snowboarder it's important to keep these types of things in mind not only will it make you better but it'll make you a more well-rounded skier writer I'm making some snowshoes ski and snowboard school hope to see you out there

Snowshoe Mountain Tips and Tricks – Terrain and Ability
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