hi there I'm Holly O'Brian and clearly I'm having a really good time I'm mountain biking here at snowshoe Bike Park it is nationally recognized as one of the best in the United States and it offers one of the largest trail systems in the East with about 40 trails and 1,500 vertical feet of descents the park has something to offer everyone but before I started exploring all of that fabulous terrain I went back to school that's right bike skills 101 with Professor Wu but you can call him Kevin because otherwise he'll think you're weird moving on in preparation for our first day of school so to speak we went school shopping I feel like I'm slowly becoming a Power Ranger you know you have to have that perfect outfit really give you that confidence going into it and body armor provides a whole bunch of confidence bike skills 101 is great for new riders or if you're like me and just want a quick refresher course before even touching the trails Kevin made sure my bike was set up exactly for me then he explained the proper body positioning and how that would impact our ride and then techniques for turning and braking I think about bringing our heels down and that kind of shoots your hips slightly back and that allows you to kind of load up the suspension when you come to a stop and all that force goes into your bike we're just coming across the treetops so heels down hips back both brakes but easy on them ready position hips back heels now brakes on excellent that was awesome good job then you test those techniques at the skills part everything we've worked on down there all those basic foundation skills mean it's apply here and get a good feel for it before we hit the trail look at that just oozing confidence Easy Street is snowshoes premiere beginner trail it's got tons of little bridges banks turns dips and other obstacles to give you that shot of adrenaline without being too intimidating or technical and that brings me back to this face remember the amazing time I was having at the beginning of this video well now you know how it all happened you should experience it to come up to snowshoe and check out the bike park I'm Hallie O'Brien and I'll see you out there you

Snowshoe Mountain Biking 101

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