hey snowshoers it's bill again from Yukon Charlie's here to talk a little snowshoeing 101 here at Yukon Charlie's our great customer service folks have come up with a list of the top 10 most commonly asked questions and answers on our snowshoes let's start by asking is there a right and left snowshoe the answer is yes for our don't junior snowshoes equipped with either ratchet or fast fit bindings the buckles of the binding should always face towards the outside what kind of footwear do I need our binding will accommodate most any footwear but we have found that a good waterproof hiking boot seems to work best is there a specific technique for walking on snowshoes we always say if you can walk you can snowshoe but like any activity the more you go the better you will become at maneuvering on your shoes what size snowshoes do I need snowshoes work by dispersing the users weight across a larger area of the snow here's the industry standards we always suggest going slightly larger rather than smaller how do I store or take care of my snowshoes there is no maintenance other than we suggest wiping them down before storing and keeping in a cool dry area when not in use do I need any additional equipment the most common accessories poles which allow you additional balance on uneven terrain there is also gaiters which will keep snow and debris out of your boots a backpack to carry additional clothing water etc what do I wear when snowshoeing snowshoeing is an aerobic activity similar to cross-country skiing so we suggest dressing in layers with wicking base layer and waterproof top layer and add or remove as necessary what do I do if I have a problem with my Yukon charley snowshoes we suggest going to our website you can choice calm or calling one of our service agents at one 866 snow chute to speak with a customer service rep finally why should I buy Yukon Charlie's over other brands we are focused on providing only the highest quality gear at prices families can afford our products our time and field tested to ensure you will have the best outdoor experience possible

Snowshoe 101: Frequently Asked Questions About Snowshoeing
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