with over 22,000 miles of groomed trails throughout Wisconsin snowmobile riders are growing in numbers like wildfire and it's no question why the exhilarating feeling of wind rushing by your helmet the skis gliding through the snow and what better way to bring your family together boys the glasses they say a family that plays together stays together and that's what we do we just have a blast and what about the youngsters kids can start writing their own sleds on the trails at the age of 12 so you might want to get them involved with one of the many snowmobile safety classes Wisconsin has to offer to make it safe for everyone who rides trails get maintained before and during the season by thousands of volunteers throughout the state many of whom drive these beastly machines day and night we're talking about the amount of trails that we have and multiply that by the amount of clubs and all the miles it takes it takes a dedicated very generous group of volunteers that are willing to spend eight hours at a time the groomer going eight miles an hour it may be just as fun to drive the groomer but I think we all know where the thrill of riding these power sport machines really comes from speed and hold on tight because these things can move check with your local Wisconsin snowmobile club to find out how you can get involved and thanks to the volunteers who maintain the trails this sport will stay alive you

Snowmobiling in Wisconsin | Discover Wisconsin
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