a silver lining to all the snow we've been getting that brand-new snow tubing park in Noblesville is getting tons of business it combines the thrill of screaming down a 300-foot drop with the ease of not having to know how to ski or snowboard Carlos Diaz is here with more and just how easy it is yeah you got a backside that's all you contain we run opened a month ago almost of the day it's the thousands of thousands of dollars on snow making machines to make those snow tubing slopes amazing bam dandy isn't that much this year because we've had so much snow now there's a mound of dirt there was a mound of dirt which was there and it was because they had this twenty acre lake they dug up in Noblesville so all that dirt made this huge mound so the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation said you know what let's cover that with snow and make a snow tubing Park after two months of work Brian Cooley helped make this awesome tubing run that actually changes every single day the whole thing is 700 feet long so from where those people are standing at the top of the hill to this big snow bank behind me is 700 feet the initial drop there is about 300 feet so they're sliding over to football fields we think it's really awesome it's nice to have something unique for the family to do here in central Indiana that we haven't had before you've been open now for a little over a month if you could put a letter grade on that month would it be I would say an a I would say an a and I think I think that's the feedback that we get from the public as well you can see right there see this so the tuber going down she's going down on her backside and she's just kind of going a leisurely pace oh there was some guys they were getting a running start and going on they're on their stomachs and they were going all the way 700 feet you know she's getting up right there and having to walk so you can got a control how fast and how daring you want to be but it's really an exciting time I should know because I went on it you'll see that coming up at 6:45 this was actually inspired by perfect North slopes down in southern Indiana the Brian Cooley actually went down there saw that and said we've got to bring this up you know to to Noblesville so he researched that he talked to people down there and then he brought it up in Noblesville so now it's a lot closer than having to drive two hours since that he took go to perfect north here kids for not probably okay yeah I talked to them I have a two-year-old I'm like can I bring da CEO and and they said you know – it's a little too young four years old is great I I want to say it coming up at 6:15 and this is serious I have a beef with Dave Calabro yeah Dave yesterday on the six o'clock news he embarrassed me and that's not hard to do it happens quite often on this network but what I'm saying is he showed me wiping out a lot on my snowboard at perfect north so coming up at 6:15 we'll show you that footage and my rebuttal to mr. Dave Calabro but you don't want to miss coming up at 6:15 okay can't wait I know we're all excited Carlos thank you very much Nick fever in a bad way

Snow tubing at Koteewi Run

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