so we're here for Sam's birthday see what how old are you turning Sam oh yeah today today but we're here for the whole weekend so as Gracie is checking we're looking about two hours early for checking into the hotel but as she's striking down I'm gonna see what sweets they have here and like coffee and stuff we have some cupcakes doughnuts definitely resort prices for a doughnut 250 but this is kind of cool over here they have I don't know this is call fudge they have fudge ours is on the sex the girls call the tune of floor because they're two different sounds room I can't sneak in there like now no yeah you can plus I'm gonna be sure to start somebody like get the hell out of here come with me what are you maybe you should so this is the guys room that's the bathroom oh this is some visit they're gonna be a bunk bed and then they have a king-sized bed maybe yeah and then I let out sofas look at the views and they guys so that was the guys room now we're gonna head upstairs to see the women's suite which we're gonna have like the kitchen and I don't know how many rooms crazy planned at all so we will be I will be surprised don't we give it fridge Gracie what this table they need the kitchen okay so this is the first room look at you it's the dining or mean a little hanging out area I really like fireplace with detergent the kitchen there's another room here with its own ensuite bathroom alright I got my wristband this lets us into the room we're gonna about to go ahead downstairs so you get the food to bring up here yeah upgrade well hey guys I just got back from the water park just take a shower I'm about to give you some food I am starving it's about six o'clock but we're not eating dinner together until about like eight maybe um so I don't think I quite that long and I want to kind of like relax and look around and stuff and see what is what is there to do I thought what's there to do at this resort but this is a really cool background right look at that snow we got the fireplace on we'll grab some food before the rest of the the group comes so I think they're still like ten more people that were waiting for and act like you know everything but you're smart and you know what you're talking about when you give me advice I want to let you know that I appreciate all you do for me it's 25 now and you're about to get married but sometime of something I've learned what time is that it you never leave my side you learn to beat up one another weaknesses and I think that even right now it's full circle as we both own common it has musician doesn't matter god I want to say I'm very proud of you and I love our friendship and it's privately made exciting that I get to you know be the best man his wedding he has always been there for me hold me down giving me things when I needed it and I'm just celebrate you today [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] good morning guys I didn't get to finish the vlog yesterday I was just so tired after waking up so early in the morning yesterday and then on top of that I we did the water park and everybody came afterwards and wanted to like they were just starting when we were like winding when I was winding huh so I like was super duper Chara last night pretty much we just played uno we sang happy birthday Sam open up his gifts we watched a little bit of The Hangover talked and stuff now I am going to meet Isaiah downstairs so that we could go to the gym so we can get a worked out and and then we're probably gonna go to the arcade so we're all spinning up and doing our own thing I had to work from home for like a couple of hours and that's why I didn't go to the UM the Aquatica but yeah so we're all gonna hopefully reconvene pretty soon and you definitely catch the snow tubing at night oh we will all be together I win I mean I always like to play driving games and shooting it that's pretty much it I always win yeah shooting games that you say that no no shooting games your name is always off but I you think I feel alive all right honed out one more snow tubing but we're about to head down to the arcade that's crazy this is my um your bed mate doesn't like like me and like she's been like way for me okay sixty really sixty happy succeed you look good for sex people look good we're going to eat right vegetables lasagna you know pizza [Applause] honest yeah poor doctor was like five cars not everybody's here really

Snow Tubing at Camelback Resort PA
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