oh you're in ready to go you look like a six-year-old I love it it's just about farming and this one being the largest in the Inland Northwest at 90 feet high and 800 feet long to give you some real thrills it's seriously it really is with skiing or snowboarding you are in control of your speed you're controlling your direction with this I mean you just go you were screaming if you can sit on a couch and sit on it to go down on my chest I'll do it I'm a thrill seeker and we don't let use lanes like a lot of to be hills to be a free ride we want you to if there's little rub and side-to-side that's okay come on Gil ways that was so much fun yeah you can get one free it's not uncommon to be 25 or quest mama brown we have a rule here it's called mass rules the gear are faster you're going you want I wouldn't but it's because I had the hard bottom absolutely no one ice cream really well generally you're worn out in about an hour okay across the street to the restaurant lounge area beers burgers and hot coco so it gets it's about family fun it's about family

Snow Tubing at Bear Creek Lodge
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