son you're playing this no chase is Alexi we are aching it's got a marinating iced-over we're gonna go try snow sledding somewhere else in the meantime while we wait my sled snow snow sled Hill to get cooler all day guys this way all day work hard been play harder oh yeah is your birthday in this no what is that is that so snowy she's like oh my gosh there's salt falling from the sky first reaction on the ground what he's dead oh you wanna eat it this dog is forever thirsty she is so much water to shoot Oh scoop shrinking I made this little area for her so this is actually so this is where she will always come and learn to call her potty home hey shake I wanna see it all come off your coat there you go oh you listen so good for those that don't know or we go it's a bet in terrier cuz she loves snow like she's not even gonna be cold she's like a snow dog we're going back to the PB spot doing this again good no you saw that though like she went to her spot I got it on camera that I am a dope teacher good yeah you did it though I'm actually super proud we were over there and she knew to walk here and do her biz hey stop eating my footsteps whoa ladies intently that was a nice trick tricked your dad oh whoa who did that chase did it no his scooby-doo your hands are cold that's why you got I made your doggy 3f snow got it yeah throw that chase throw that taste oh she got you good job oh she's got another one very very shin the grass actually working oh my goodness that's my glove hey can I have my glove back she's like I'm gonna hide behind chase maybe he won't see me he'll break ah she's dug it worked it I didn't think it'd work she's stronger perfect legs are so cute in the snow chasey Scooby Doo Scooby chase oh it's Scooby doing are you the dogs are having a playdate yeah hobbies right here it's Becky oh snap back dude this is Sean freestyling snow too oh do you're gonna get cold sup back dude no eating snow it could be yellow and we all know why it could be yellow snow right oh no because somebody might be poor snow cone flavoring in the snow yeah I'm gonna try a real snow cone made out of fresh snow no gross well the huge boogers not sticking out oh my god this is so cool music so strange good good no way Oreo walks around and goes on this crash jay says red peepee yup good sean has a new flavor can I have another flavor yeah okay go squeeze it slippery these are left outside since Sean's party right you're eating like recycled precipitation she won't return the coconut bows I got her for Christmas and bought different one yes I did she doesn't like my junky Amazon Prime coconut Bowl why I got my booty crack shot my booty back shot got it does I pick up my booty crack ray I got that little clamper I have the back and he's just you know what do you want that stuff we just put on its are you frozen we finished this slide and now all three of us we are gonna try it out you going first yeah you going first yeah why not yeah like do you want we're not ready I'm not ready are you going those super fat puppies to get back over you yeah can she eating snow well if you're like the snow today was super bad for sledding so this is literally the best sledding all there wrong way [Applause] yo don't fight it bro not trying to fight it just let it be it is what it is just fall over come on accept your fate man I can't believe this is better the next day [Applause] oh well that chipper this flag thanks for watching narrow funnel a yeah don't you come back no no cuz you already know that this little dude she got that rapid automatic if you want and then you get have a plenty hit you later – don't be mad officials with this rule flip you bad and give him black and blue jackets that's messy with

SNOW MUCH FUN! DON'T EAT YELLOW SNOW w Puppy Oreo ❄️ Tilted Snowman ⛄ FUNnel Vision Snow Day Vlog
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