– [Jordan] Previously
on: ThatYouTub3Family! (playful piano music) – I saw the bandit, guys. I saw him. – I don’t see how it– – [Jordan] But there’s
no lock on the front. – Maybe it’s one of those like, trick things where you
have to push a certain– – Or maybe there’s something up here? – Section or somethin’? Like, yeah, is there
something that you have to– – [Audrey] It’s starting to thunder. – I know, Audrey. – [Mom] The storm’s comin’;
the bandits are after us. – [Dad] They’re searching for us, but I don’t think they can find. – [Mom] I honestly do
not know what’s in here. – [Ty] I vote a dragon claw. – [Dad] The genie sent
us here, though, right? – [Mom] That’s true. – [Dad] So it could be anything. Alright, let’s see what’s inside of here. (gasping) – [Mom] What is that? – [Dad] Oh my goodness! – [Audrey] That looks
like a horn or something. – A horn. – Wait, wait, wait! – [Dad] What has Horns? – Wait, isn’t it, like, that could be like, a unicorn horn! (gasping) (mellow western music) (birds chirping) (footsteps crunching) (footsteps crunching) – [Doc] Bill, this is a great spot. We can see everywhere. If anybody comes up to steal
our treasure this time, we’ll be ready for em’. (birds chirping) That road right there will let us see all traffic coming and going. Bill, I’m gonna need your help. (birds chirping) In this box is our greatest treasure. We had to search far and wide, but we finally got it. This will make us famous. Bill, I want you to take this box, take it to our hideout. Put it in the back of the cave. Don’t let anybody in. This is our time. Go, Bill, take the box. – [Bill] All right,
Doc, I got the treasure. I’ll take good care of it. I won’t let that family or
anybody else get the treasure. Oh! (footsteps crunching) (birds chirping) – [Doc] Who’s that comin’ up the road? I know that vehicle. That’s that family. How did they find us? There’s no way. They’re gonna find Bill! I better call Bill and have
him guard that treasure. There they go. – Alright, guys, so we have
got away from the bandits. We think we heard ’em talking when we were over at the beach house. We said goodbye to the beach house. We’ve been driving for a little while now. – So we actually didn’t go right home because we think they’ve been tracking us. ‘Cause we found a tracker in our vehicle. And we got rid of the
tracker in our vehicle. I’m not sure if there’s still
another tracker in here. We’ve been looking to make
sure to see if there was one. But were pretty sure they were
spying on us at our house. So we didn’t dare go home
so we kind of have been hoping around at different places, staying in hotels, just
so we wouldn’t get caught. And now, we decided to take this map that we found.
– We have a– – [Dad] Whoa, whoa whoa whoa, wait. Wait, look! Oh no! Do you think that’s them? – [Audrey] Um, it’s a white truck. – [Dad] It is a white truck. – [Mom] Should I keep going or not? I don’t know if I can back up. – [Dad] What do you guys think? – [Audrey] Yeah, wait, how do you back? This is a one way road, you can’t– – Great. – [Audrey] You have to go forward. – [Dad] Oh no! – [Mom] What do I do? – [Dad] I say we go past and just be, just don’t draw any attention to us. – [Mom] Is there anyone
in the back of that truck? – [Dad] I can’t tell. – [Mom] I can’t tell if there’s
somethin’ red back there. – [Audrey] Oh yeah, I see somethin’. – [Dad] See if I can zoom in to see. – [Mom] Is that someone? I’m worried that– – [Dad] That definitely looks like a bandit’s truck for sure. (sighs) Do you think we can back up? – [Mom] I don’t think I can
back up and go around this. – [Audrey] We’ll get stuck. – Okay, lets get passed these cars, and then lets see if we can pull over and look at the map a little bit closer. – [Mom] Okay, I don’t see anybody in the trucks–
– Oh! – [Jordan] Guys, there’s two! – [Mom] That means they’re– – There’s two trucks, look! – They’re not here. – [Jordan] No, there’s two. – [Audrey] Well, they’re
probably running with someone. – [Mom] I’m going quiet;
everybody just stay quiet. – [Dad] Everybody (shushing). – [Audrey] Everybody’s
windows are like wide down. How do you know nobody’s in there? – [Mom] I don’t see any movement. – [Dad] There’s two bandits’ vehicles. – [Mom] I’m just going really quiet. – [Audrey] Oh, I don’t like this! Oh, my goodness! – [Audrey] Okay, that
looks like, heavy duty. – How are they up here? What are they doing up here? – [Jordan] Okay, go go go go, go go go! Go go go! We’re past them, just
go, I don’t like this. – I don’t think we’ve ever been around two bandits’ vehicles before. (mellow western music) (brush rustling) – [Bill] They’ll never get it there! (cackling) Doc’s gonna be so happy with me! I’m gonna guard this treasure. They’ll never take it from us. This is a key treasure. At least that’s what they think! (cackling) Hey, what’s that sound? I better go check it out. – Okay, so we arrived at our location. I followed the trail head up and I think I’m onto the right path, the right place; I went passed
what looked like a campsite. There was nobody there. We drove up past a couple white vehicles, past a cave that was kind
of high up on the mountain. – Ginormous cave! – And, now I think we’re at the place where we need to get out and hike. This map is interesting,
(map crackling) it has this crazy symbol that matches right here.
(map crackling. Let me get. Okay, so those. And I’m not sure what that means. Each of these symbols in the past have lead to a different type of treasure. So, the first thing that
we were able to find was the bandit’s cash, but that was before we found this map.
– Yeah. – I don’t remember when we found this map. This was a long time ago. Okay so, what did we find next? What was that treasure? We found after that–
– Do you mean bones? – Oh!
– In pirates treasure. – Yeah, then we went–
– Yeah. – Yes, we went and found pirates treasure. And inside that was another map that led us out into the desert. And we were able to retrieve a genie in a bottle.
– Yeah. – But the genie wasn’t there. – Yeah!
– Had to come back. – I was like, what?
– So, then we got a map. And it led us to a new treasure. And we had to blow up a mountain and the bandits were chasing us and now, we’re trying to find this one. What do you think this could be? ‘Cause, I don’t know, each of the symbols say what the treasure is. But I can’t read ’em.
– I don’t even know. That one kinda looks like–
– Looks like a face. Like, Frankenstein, maybe?
– Oh, maybe. Maybe, I’m not sure.
– It looks like, like, if you look at it
from this way, you guys, it looks kinda like an
electricity pole to me. Like, there’s the pole going up and then you’d have like,
the wires going along. Like, just, electricity poles or whatever. – Well, we did pass
the bandits down there. We went by ’em really quiet. Quite a ways back.
– Yeah. – They never did follow us. So, I think we’re okay. There are a lot of lookout places around here where they could be hiding. And I don’t know if we need to go up over to that lookout point. The path goes kinda towards there. So, I feel like we need to be very careful as we head that direction.
– Yeah. – That’s where it’s
pointing, is over this way. I think it’s on the other
side of that lookout point, but I can’t tell. I don’t see any shadows
or anybody up there. We just need to watch
out and be very careful ’cause I don’t know what’s
out here in these woods. (mellow western music)
(engine turns) – [Doc] Boy. – [Dad] Do you guys ever feel
like you’re being watched? – [Doc] Don’t let ’em see you. – [Jake] Yeah. – [Doc] I think they’re on to us. It looks like they’ve found our trail. Let’s keep a close eye on ’em. Let’s not let that family
get too close (shushing). – [Dad] Be on the lookout,
we haven’t seen ’em yet. (mellow western music) – [Mom] Okay, guys, we’re good. Okay, so we have been
hiking up this mountain and now we are at the base
of this giant rock over here. Which is where the path forks.
– Yup. – [Mom] And we have to
go off into the forest. – No!
– No! – [Mom] Wow, what a climb! – That was like, it was
already really uphill and a hard hike, so. – [Mom] I’m out of breath. – Me too. – [Mom] Okay, so (sighs). – Looks like we’re going in the forest. – You’re saying it’s up over this way? – [Mom] It’s over, it says
that rock is a marking. There’s a big boulder here;
it’s kinda hidden by the trees. But there is a big boulder there. – Yeah. – Now, I’m a little bit worried ’cause this is snake country. So, everybody be very careful of snakes, bobcats, and bears, and bandits.
– It’s basically everything. – [Mom] It’s kinda dangerous here. And ticks (laughs). Everybody be very careful. – [Jake] Okay, rolling up my socks. – [Mom] Let’s go; watch your step. So, this is the huge boulder. And, we’re supposed to head east. – There’s something moving down there. – [Mom] Wait, serious? – The branches were moving. – [Mom] Oh, I just saw a branch move, too. – That’s just the wind, though. – [Mom] No, that wasn’t the wind. Something moved past it. – [Jake] Are you sure? – [Mom] Wait! – I don’t know, don’t get
me all paranoid, guys. (shushing) – [Mom] I thought I
heard something that way, which is the way we’re supposed to go. – [Dad] Have you looked up there? – [Mom] I know, I’m trying to figure out. – [Dad] That seems like the perfect way to spy on somebody. ‘Cause who’s really looking up there? – [Mom] Us, now. But I don’t see a shadow, but it could be. Yeah well it kinda goes
over and then it dips down and then back up and it says,
“Look deep into the rocks.” So, we’re actually going
into a rock or something? – Into a rock? – [Mom] It says, “Look deep.” No, looking deep into rocks is dangerous because that’s where dens
are, like, bear dens. – Yeah, and what if we need to like– – [Mom] Snake pits! – Alright, let’s go see what’s going on. – [Mom] You wanna just, I wanna see if it’s up here. – We didn’t bring any
like, mining tools, though. So, like, if it’s in the rock, I don’t think we’re gonna make it. We’re gonna have to go back down and get mining tools and come back. – [Mom] Well, I think it’s worth a shot because the faster we can
collect these treasures, the faster we can stop the bandits. ‘Cause they’re after the
treasures for a reason. They’re doing something. So, I think that we need to collect these seven treasures. – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Mom] Before they can get ahold of them. So far we’re doing good; we’ve
got all the treasures back. – I know, I’m surprised! – [Mom] And they don’t have the cash, so they don’t have money to help them get from place to place. – [Audrey] Okay, guys, we
should keep moving and talking. We can’t just stand still forever. – [Mom] Well, I’m nervous,
I’m nervous to go. – [Jordan] Mom, we just need to go. I know you’re nervous, but
if we wanna find the treasure we have to go. – [Doc] I can’t believe
they’re getting closer to us. – Do you think it’s in
the crack of that rock? – [Dad] Keep your eyes open. – [Doc] I’m gonna have to
call in some reinforcements. I don’t know how that
family always finds us. – [Audrey] Careful, this is kinda steep. – [Jordan] Yeah, these
rocks are not stable, true. (heavy breathing) – There’s not really much trail, but I feel like we need to go this way. – [Doc] Quiet. – [Audrey] I mean, I’m
trying to follow the map as close as possible, but, hopefully.
(mellow western music) – My stick’s sharp. Look.
(brush rustles) (mellow western music) – [Doc] Where did Bill go? Where is that boy? (rocks clattering) Where did he put that treasure? Perfect, this means Bill made it here before that family did. We gotta secure the perimeter. We don’t want the family (dull tapping)
taking this one. Or do we? (laughs) (mellow western music) Gotta find that boy. I tell you, he runs off
the sound of anything. Bill, Henry, where are you? You gotta be up here
guarding this treasure! It’s hard to find good help these days. (mellow western music) (rocks clattering) Bill, Henry, get over here! Get up here and guard this treasure! (rocks clattering) What are you guys doing down here? The treasure is up there! If nobody’s watching the treasure that family is gonna find it. If that family gets this treasure, we’re done for! At least that’s what
you two think (laughs). (peaceful instrumental music) – Dad, get down, get down!
(shushes) – [Mom] Guys. (peaceful instrumental music) – Guys, get down! Get down, stay low. I can hear the bandit, I can hear him. – [Mom] Come on! (shushing)
– But what does the bandits want with the treasure anyways? What are they gonna do with it? – [Dad] I don’t know
what this treasure is. – (shushes) He’s coming back. – [Audrey] Guys, duck down, duck down! – [Dad] Go up there. – [Audrey] Go in the cave. There’s a cave. – [Mom] We’re gonna get caught again. – There’s a whole bunch
of ’em; I saw three. I saw one with a brown hat,
a white hat, and a black hat. – He went that way. He just, we went that way. – Should we go hide in the cave? – [Dad] Yeah, looks like
there’s a cave up there. – [Mom] Go, guys, they’ll see us that way. – Go fast, go fast! – [Dad] Ty, go, Jake. – Go, Jake. – [Dad] Careful, Jake. – [Jake] No, you go first. – [Dad] Go on. – [Mom] Watch for snakes and bears. – [Jake] That’s why I
didn’t wanna go first. – [Mom] My goodness. (shushes) – [Jordan] Here, guys, hurry! Duck down, duck down! (rocks clattering) – [Dad] Are they down there? – [Mom] They’re down there. – [Ty] We can go through the trees. – Are you sure? [Mom] You guys (gasps)! – What’s that?
– Wait, what is that? – [Mom] There’s a box here, there is. There’s something here. – [Ty] I thought that
was a big clump of wood. – [Mom] It looks like wood. Careful, Ty, wait. – [Dad] What do we got? – [Mom] I don’t know if there’s
bears back in that cave. – [Jordan] Guys, I hear them! (shushing)
Just go! – [Mom] I’m not going, you go! – They’re coming! – Yeah, we gotta leave, I don’t know if there’s snakes or bears. – [Dad] Okay. – [Jordan] What does the map say? – [Dad] What does the maps say, Jordan? – I can’t read this thing! Here, Audrey! (shushing) – [Dad] Audrey, what is it saying to us? – Well, it says, wait, it says, come here let me show you. Look. So, I think we took this trail. This says Mouth of Rock,
look deep into the rock. If this is a rock– – [Mom] It is, it’s this, there is a box here, it
looks like the driftwood. – [Audrey] Then that’s– – [Dad] There’s a box
that looks like driftwood? – But I’m afraid to go in there. – [Audrey] No, just get it; I
think that might be it, Mom. – [Jake] It doesn’t look
like there’s bears in there. – [Dad] Here, here. Let’s let Jake–
– Do you wanna go in it? – [Dad] Jacob will go. – I’ll go with him. – [Mom] Okay, you boys go get the box. – That explains why there’s
so many bandits around here. It’s because they know it’s right here. – [Audrey] Careful, Ty and Jake. – [Mom] Guys, be careful. – [Jordan] Okay, once we get
it we have to sneak out, guys. – [Dad] I still don’t see it. What are you guys looking at? – [Mom] It’s right there;
it looks just like the wood. – [Dad] Oh! – [Mom] Just like normal wood. – [Dad] It’s on top of that rock. – [Mom] Gosh. – [Jordan] Wait, did we find another one? – [Mom] What is this place anyway? – [Dad] Careful, boys. – [Jordan] Whoa whoa! – It’s not actually that heavy. – [Dad] It’s not heavy? – It’s kind of. – Wait, whoa, did you hear that? They’re whistling to each
other, I just heard it. (shushing) Guys, they’re sending signals. (gasps) Wait, listen, did you hear it?
(shushes) – [Dad] Look at that box. – [Jake] Help me, I’m all dirty now. – [Dad] Aren’t they down there? – No, there’s someone over there. I heard the whistle– – [Jordan] Wait, we
can’t get out that way. (dramatic instrumental music) – Guys, they are around us. There was a whistle that way. There was a whistle that way. – How are we gonna get out? – There’s a way out in
here, come on, guys! – [Jordan] Wait, there is? – [Dad] Check it out, let me go see. – [Doc] Quiet. – [Mom] Yeah, if we
can get out a back way, that would be great. – [Dad] Whoa! – [Mom] Is there a way? – [Ty] Yeah, look there! – [Dad] Oh, there’s a crack up there but, I don’t think we can get
up there, can we, Jake? Can we, Ty? – [Ty] Yeah, I can. – [Dad] You can? – [Mom] I don’t think I
can fit out through that. – [Dad] Actually, I think we can. – [Mom] You think we can make it? – [Dad] It’s bigger than it looks. Come on. – [Ty] Get the box. – [Dad] Come on, grab the box, let’s go. – [Mom] Come on, we’re going. – [Ty] Oh, there is– – [Jordan] Careful, guys! Watch out for bandits, they
might be on the other side. (shushing) Okay, get out, we don’t
wanna get trapped again. – Whoa, you gotta be
teeny to get through this. Let’s get outta here.
– Go! – Come on. – [Ty] Let’s go! – Let’s go, go, Ty, go! Is this the way we came? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Ty] Yeah, this is it. – Okay (groans). (brush rustling)
I can hear ’em. Are we getting turned around? Did we miss the trail? – Yeah, this is where I thought it was, but it’s not.
– Are you sure? – [Audrey] Yes. – [Dad] You guys going the right way? – [Mom] Yeah, we got it. – I don’t know, guys, I
don’t really wanna go. I feel like we’re going the wrong way. – I hear ’em whistling
again; go go go go go ! – [Doc] They just left the camp. Cut ’em off at the pass. Don’t let ’em get away! (dramatic instrumental music)
Get ’em! (brush rustling)
– Guys, I hear (screams). Go go go, go! – [Bill] I’ll get ’em, Doc! I got ’em right here. I can get ’em! – [Audrey] Go, he’s coming! – [Jordan] Who? – [Audrey] Bandits, the bandits! The bandits are here, go! – [Bill] Get over here! – [Audrey] Run run! – [Bill] Get over here. – [Jordan] I’m going as fast as I can! (sighs)
(screaming) – [Bill] (sighs) Oh, man! I’m sorry, Doc. They’re just too fast. I couldn’t catch ’em. I’m sorry they got the treasure, Doc. I saw it. The girl was carrying it. The mom, the mom was carrying it. I’m sorry, Doc. Let’s get to our trucks
and go get ’em in town. Let’s go! – [Doc] That family, they think they just got the treasure. It was really a decoy. Now we can find out
exactly where they live, and we can follow ’em out. And get ’em at their house! Bill, call in all the troops. Get us all together. Let’s go find that family. And let’s get our treasures that are rightfully ours! (laughs) – Come on, guys. I think he turned around,
but that doesn’t mean they’re not coming after us. Let’s keep going. – [Audrey] Listen for the whistles. – Why did I wear sandals today? – [Dad] You wore sandals, Jordan? (groaning) – [Audrey] I wore sandals, too. – [Dad] Are we almost there? – [Audrey] I don’t know– – [Dad] Let me see if they’re coming. (screaming)
I don’t see ’em. – Come on, guys, let’s go! Hurry!
(footsteps thudding) – Ow, I definitely should
of not worn sandals. – [Doc] They think they got the treasure, but really they just got
a new tracking device. It’s time to follow that family home. Boys, saddle up. Get in your trucks. It’s time to go find that YouTub3Family. – Careful, this box is so old. Look at this, it says, I think it says, “Handle With Care. “Established in 18, “1824?” – Ty says it doesn’t open. He said, when he went to get it, he tried to open it, and
he couldn’t figure out like, how to get it open.
– Yeah, it looks like it’s all nailed shut. There’s two, four, six, eight, there’s a dozen nails
holding the top here on. We’re gonna have to get a crowbar. ‘Cause, yeah, it’s not opening. – [Mom] What do you think you guys got? – I don’t know, but, Handle With Care. – [Mom] Okay, well, and
there were clues on that. – What would be Handle With Care? – Okay, you guys, so, we got home without the
bandits catching us. And we have the box, but we
haven’t tried opening it yet. So, who wants to try opening it? – Me!
– Me! – We need a crowbar. – That’s like, nailed in tight. – Yeah, there’s a lot of nails on here. – Oh, it’s like, rusty, too! I mean, I guess since it’s been like 18– – [Dad] 1824. – [Jordan] Yeah, I guess
it should be rusty. – Ty, go get the crowbar.
– Okay. Da da da! – [Audrey] Okay, whoa! – Whoa!
– Okay. – It’s not a double-edge crowbar. – (inhales sharply) Don’t break it! – Listen.
(wood cracking) – (gasps) It cracked! – It sounded like it was breaking. – [Jordan] Hey, watch out, Logan. – [Audrey] We’re just gonna
end up ripping the whole thing! It’s cracking the wood! – [Dad] Should we be? – [Jordan] We shouldn’t be doing this. – [Audrey] Yeah. – Maybe we should do it from the middle of this (thudding) right here.
– Let’s try this side. – That whole, this whole
side is nailed shut. – Everything’s nailed shut. – [Jake] Try from right
here in the middle. It seems like it would be
probably stronger there. – Do you guys hear that vehicle? I think we need to go figure out what these sounds are outside, ’cause if the bandits are here
I don’t wanna open this up. – We gotta run and hide.
– Alright. So, let’s go check that out. We’ll keep working on this and then we’ll come back later, okay? – [Family] Yeah. (dramatic instrumental music)

Sneaking Into The Bandits Camp – Bandits Treasure Part 9 / That YouTub3 Family
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