My name is Kourosh Rad
I'm an urban planner from Halifax, Nova Scotia It's very exciting to be part of an open and transparent challenge that will result in using the
technology to improve the everyday life of the communities
and community members it's exciting to see so many communities coming forward with all kinds of different ideas and innovations that is well founded within their communities and I was very interested to be part of the jury to discuss these applications and both learn from them and also help them shape the future of the final application. The Cree of Eastmain while they're a very small community they have recognized that the issue of getting energy to a small community is not just about getting the resources there, but also tackling the issue of energy usage itself
they're looking at improving the life of their community members by building Net Zero buildings that will reduce use of energy at the same time
they have recognized that it's important to monitor what they would do with that Net Zero developments that they're
providing for the community and the data that's coming out of it
would help them make a case build the case for better more sustainable building solutions that will tackle
the issue of energy use and not just look at the energy from a supply management perspective

Smart Cities Challenge: The Jury’s Perspective – Cree Nation of Eastmain, Quebec

One thought on “Smart Cities Challenge: The Jury’s Perspective – Cree Nation of Eastmain, Quebec

  • July 29, 2019 at 10:12 pm

    It is impressive we in Michigan, U.S. can see your Very remote village and see and hear you speak about your life. Seems your concerns are not so different from ours. Thanks for making this video, and may the Almighty Bless you all in many ways and with Leviticus 23 and Genesis 2: 2.


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